Two weeks? No way....LOL!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yup, it's been two weeks since the last blog. I hope there are still a few out there reading, just been busy. We did make it down from TN to FL with a stop in GA to have dinner with my youngest daughter and her family. Always good to get in some unexpected family time.

When we arrived, the site the park had selected for us wasn't optimal but a good one was opening up the following day. We parked in their overflow area where we had power and water...and great satellite reception. The next morning we moved into our current spot and got settled.

We had a couple of days to get organized and then Stu took off for his PADI scuba certification class. He has promised to write a blog about it so I won't steal his thunder...

Other than that it's been chores, rest/relax, more chores...etc, etc, etc. Today we are taking Sadie to Preppy Pets for doggy camp while we head to Las Vegas for a few days. We had to use up some reward points...they got us two tickets to Vegas. Then we found a great special at Planet Hollywood....a 500 sf suite for under $50 a night (except a bit higher on Sunday). Then we booked two half price shows in advance. Sunday night we'll do whatever, Monday night is the first show, Tuesday night we plan to do Fremont St and Wednesday night is the other show. Then we head back on Thursday. A short trip but a nice break...well, other than the weather running 20 degrees colder than here in Florida. LOL!

Not even taking a camera....if something turns up we'll snap pics on our phones. We both have HTC Incredibles now...Stu has the original (ebay-used) and I have the 2 (Verizon-new). Both our phones died....I liked into an early upgrade and we then found a good deal on the used phone for Stu.

So nothing much to write about...up to Stu to talk about his new trike and his scuba class. LOL!

Back in a week or so...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Glad to see you back...I have so much respect for anyone who swims or scuba dives...I can barely swim, but love to lay on a raft!LOL....

  2. Have fun... if you don't it's your own fault! That's what everyone says... Be sure to zip-line on Fremont!!!

  3. Have fun! Looking forward to a post from Sadie too!

  4. Enjoy the Vegas getaway. Hope Sadie doesn't get all 'preppy' on you while at her doggie! Stu looks like he's in a "froggi" pond in his photo; you have froggi-tized him, haven;t you?

  5. We're anxiously waiting for Stu's post about his scuba certification class!


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