Phew! All the photos uploaded....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Okay, got all the photos from our cruise uploaded to SmugMug and will hopefully work on the blog text tomorrow. Been a busy couple of days since we got back and the next week is still busy.

We took a wonderful 100 mile ride to nowhere on Sunday, Monday we went to the Webster Flea Market on top of a 100 mile ride and seeing "Blind Side" at the movies. Stu's birthday is Thursday and we are going to Epcot. After that we will visit family for a long weekend and next thing you know it's Christmas!!

We plan to hit the road shortly after Christmas, headed to New Orleans for our first major stop. We want to see the rest of the D-Day Museum. Then we continue on to Quartzsite, AZ for the big RV event (gotta do it at least once - I have but Stu hasn't). That puts us out to the middle of January...LOL!

If you want to preview the photos without any text, check it out here:
Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Be sure to let us know when you'll be at Q'site (we're in Yuma). That'll be the closest we'll be since Gillette, and we'll have to arrange to meet somewhere!

    Renee & Dave

  2. Wow....beautiful pics, Donna. Especially liked the sunsets, and the Jamaica pics. We are so happy for you guys, enjoying these wonders of our earth. It is so nice to see you and Stu living life to the fullest. Now take a breath or two ( ya right, it is almost Christmas ). Take care, and talk to you soon !! Hugs, T'n T

  3. Donna.. a few SKP's here in FL are heading up to Sleepy Hollow (Bike bar) in Floral City on Saturday for the $5.00 steaks...y'all head on up if you're so's great!! HUGS!
    Molly & Bob

  4. Donna and Stu.......we'll be at North Ranch around the 1st of February. Maybe we can get together and go for a ride. Are you going to the Gypsy Gathering in Yuma in March? We'll be there. Keep on havin' fun! Hugs.........Pat and Mike


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