Our time in Florida is done, finally heading west....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We arrived in Florida a month ago, left immediately for our 10 day cruise, came back in time for Stu's birthday and our visit to Epcot, followed by several days of visiting family and capped off with Christmas last week. We have missed seeing several Escapee friends due to our being too busy but hope to see them somewhere on the road soon. It's time now to head west for the winter.

Yesterday and today we did our "de-oozing" - putting away all the stuff that oozes out when you are parked for a while. We also took care of a lot of little things that had built up on our "to do" lists - paperwork, phone calls, repairs & maintenance to the truck and RV.

So now the bikes are loaded and we will hit the road tomorrow, heading north on I-75 and then west on I-10 till we hit Quartzsite, AZ. LOL! No firm plans, just a target date of being in "Q" around the 15th of January. If the weather holds we plan to stop in New Orleans for a couple of nights so we can finish seeing the D-Day museum (we only got half of it done last time around).

We have several friends along the way that would like us to stop but we can't make any promises...we'll keep in touch and hope it works out. We'd love to visit Big Bend and see my friend Ara & his pup Spirit, but again we can't make any promises. Would be nice to actually see the land I own there...LOL!

We know we are going to hit cold weather, seems like everyone is dealing with that. I just hope that it warms a little once we get to AZ....although two years ago when I first visited Q, it was a cold winter then. Oh well...it is what it is!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Trying to visit with all your friends along the way is tough. HOWEVER, the SKP Saguaro park is right off I-10, boondocking for one night is only $5, and you can take on water and dump the tanks. I'll bet you have friends here, including us!

  2. Safe traveling to you! On the newsfront here i finally got my 2010 Rockwood MiniLite TT home yesterday. Lost my first one in accident Columbus day weekend. Be careful out there, those guardrails can be wicked! :)


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