Panama Canal Cruise: Day 7: Limon, Costa Rica

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cristobal to Limon, Costa Rica = 187 nautical miles
Docked in Limon at 07:15am
Temperature 81F degrees
Departed 17:48pm

Our original plan called for going whitewater rafting in Costa Rica. The night before we landed we got notified that the excursion had been canceled due to lack of folks signing up. We thought about choosing another excursion but after three days in the sun, two of them VERY hot days, we opted to stay on board. We would have walked into town but reading the daily newsletter let us know that the shops were all closed on Sundays.

We did snap a few shots from the boat that I can share with you.

Wanted to use this short blog to mention a couple of interesting things. While spending time in the indoor pool we discovered a little bird had taken up residence. He would dive through the area a couple of times a day in search of food. I am sure he found lots of crumbs to live on. LOL!

Another interesting phenomena was the pool when the seas were a bit rough...the pool water would splash from end to end, sometimes coming up 2-3 feet, even soaking a poolside table or two. LOL!

Last thing of note was the baked decorations in the buffet restaurant. We saw a BIG motorcycle and two smaller items, a ship, a piano and a violin. They were all made out of bread.

We do plan to go back to Costa Rica one day...need to experience the rain forest and see some of the wild life.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

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