Getting caught up to date before Mexico!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just a short post to catch everyone up to date. I have three back blogs yet to be posted....they will be dated 10/21, 10/22 & 10/28. I hope to get them done before we head off to Cancun for a week.

So, we are in Florida...actually we have been since October 25th. We spent the weekend in DeFuniak Springs and really enjoyed the nice weather and two days of riding. From there we headed to Old Town, FL for one night (photos in the 10/28 blog). Cool nights and sunny days stuck with us as we then headed into Port Richey, FL for several nights.

We visited Stu's mom in Palm Harbor, took her out to a nice lunch at the Olive Garden and brought her some photos & frames for her suite. We also took home and repaired a rolling hassock that was broken (demonstrated ably by hers truly when she sat down on it and then REALLY sat down...LOL!). It was great to meet her and see where Stu got his terrific smile.

From there we headed to the east coast of Florida and a campground in Port St Lucie. We headed north to Vero Beach and met up with both my brothers & their wives as well as some other long time riding friends (motorcycle club that my late husband was a member of as well as both my brothers). On Sunday we headed out in the opposite direction and met up with Stu's stepdaughter Kim and her family. Had a great afternoon there and enjoyed a wonderful homecooked meal.

Other than that we have just been enjoying, riding between the raindrops, eating out, eating in, going to movies, watching movies at home and doing all those little things that need to get done. We're here until Thursday morning when we head to Orlando. We have 10 nights planned there but 7 of those will be spent in Cancun. I've never been so I'm excited!

On a side note....we won't have phones or our laptops while in Mexico. We can check general email on a public computer but I really don't see us doing that too often. Soooooo, if you don't hear from us you know why. We'll be back in Orlando on November 15th and head back to the Clearwater area (west coast) to get some RV service work done. We may make a quick east coast stop again before moving up to the Atlanta area for Thanksgiving. We plan on a week in that area, allowing for more family time.

After that we move towards TX with Christmas being spent in Livingston at the Rainbow's End Escapees park before moving south to our rented lot in Mission TX. All of Jan & Feb will be spent there.

So, now that everyone is up to date, it's time for me to work on those back blog entries. Oh, and before I forget....just a reminder that if you emailed me in the last two months and I haven't gotten back to you (or posted a blog comment asking a question), all those emails are gone. Sigh...gotta love computers.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Good morning Donna and Stu,

    It's good to hear from you again. Just wanted to let you know you spent the night in my old hometown...DeFuniak Springs. That's where I went to High School.
    You probably stayed at the C/G on the lake? Nice little town.

    Where will you be staying in Texas? We will be on our lot in Retama Village in Mission from about Thanksgiving to the first of Feb. Then we will head to AZ for Nick's rally. Maybe we can get together in Texas.

    Have lots of fun in Cancun!! You deserve it!

    Hugs to both of you.....Pat & Mike

  2. Wow, I've been outta touch for awhile and behind the Congrats go out to you and Stu! Happy Traveling to you both! Bill and I will finally be getting back on the road Dec 2. Debbie

  3. I haven't been keeping up to date with your travels as I should have been, either. You should be back from Mexico now and maybe even on your way to Texas.

    I do wish that Pat were more interested in travel but there may be a chance that we can go south for three weeks or so after the holidays. I'll go if fuel prices are still fairly low. I don't think it is worth driving down there at 8mpg and back if fuel prices are over $4/gal as they were this past summer.


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