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Monday, November 24, 2008

Well folks, no pretty pictures today. Flat tires are not very picturesque. Got up this morning and started to get the rig ready to go and discovered the left front tire on the truck was flat. Well, almost flat. I got out the air hose etc. and used the truck air system to fill the tire up to 75 PSI and we hit the road, intent on making our next destination of Cartersville, GA while nursing the tire during rest stops. We spotted a Camping World a few miles up the road and decided to pull in, do some shopping and maybe get the tire repaired. They don't do repairs on that big of a tire, but they sell them. Surprise there! I was going to replace the tires soon, just was going to wait until January when we will be in Mission and had plenty of time and a little extra cash. The tires were the original tires delivered with the truck (2000) with 80,000 miles on them. So replacing them was not totally unexpected, just didn't plan on it today.

4 hours later and $3,000+ bucks later we were on the road. A little short of our original plans but that's what RVing is all about. Whoa, I didn't realize truck tires could be so expensive, but when you look at the service I got out of the first set, it all works out. Life's too short for cheap beer and bad tires.

Until next time, keep rolling...we are!
Stu & Donna

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  1. Know what you mean, Stu! In 2007 we were near Carson City, NV, and had a blowout (fortunately on a very slow turn into a side road) on the outside rear tire, passenger side). Our road service provided a change to our spare (Thank goodness our MH carries a spare! So many don't.)

    Once into Carson City, we replaced all seven tires on the motorhome, and found out that our car tires were also shot, so replaced four of those at the same time.


    It's all part of the adventure!


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