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Friday, September 26, 2008

Just a quick note since I don't know when I will have time to blog next. Also wanted to answer a couple of reader questions (that left no email address for replies). We are currently back in Gettysburg after getting the RV service work done in Pottstown, PA. We stayed here at Stu's home park (thus FREE) due to the weather on the coast of MD as well as the late hour of departure. We'll head on to MD in another hour or so.

Tomorrow we have a motorcycle rider lunch in Prince Frederick at Red, Hot & Blue BBQ and Sunday we'll go to the local Renaissance Faire (something I've never done). Then every day the following week until Friday, there is something planned. Hopefully Friday will stay a RELAX day before doing the ride on Saturday.

On Sunday we head out to north central PA where I used to live where we will meet friends and view my ebay lot I bought. From there we head over to Ohio to meet my son, down to my old TN stomping grounds and on to friends in LA for a private bike gathering. Then we head off to FL where we will spend close to a month visiting family & friends, taking our flying vacation to Cancun and just generally enjoying. We'll be in the Atlanta area for Thanksgiving, spending it with more family. Phew! We'll be ready for the quiet of the SW when we are done with all this!

Okay, Joe asked about the three air conditioners. Yes, there are three. The third is for the garage and was an added option. There is a switch that lets you chose the bedroom or the garage A/C. You can only run two on 50 amp (and one on 30 amp).

Jeff wants some photos of the truck cab and we'll do that once we hit some decent weather. Promise!

So, will post when I can but no promises....might drop something in the SHOUT box here on the blog if it's too long before the next post, just so you know we're still having fun!

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  1. Your life seems much fuller since you found Stu. Life is so much better when you have someone to share it with! Best wishes to both of you.

    Keith & Kathy


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