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Monday, September 15, 2008

Taking a step back to last week, Sunday the 14th to be exact. We were in Gettysburg and had a lunch planned with some of my riding sisters from the Rumble Sisters Biker Sisterhood. We met at a Perkins, exchanged introductions and hugs, had a great breakfast, met two other riding friends of mine (Bill & Dona) and just generally had a great time. Everyone had to head in different directions but we took time for a group photo.

We decided to take a ride to Emmitsburg, MD to visit the National Fire Academy where the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial is hosted. The ride was great even though the day was the warmest yet. Since this is all new to me, I won't try to pass along any historical information, those that are interested can visit the linked websites or ask Stu any questions.

On October 4th we'll be taking part in the 27th National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend motorcycle ride. I expect it to be quite a moving day and look forward to being a part of honoring those who have given their lives to serve others.

As we walked back to the bike we saw the largest mushroom either of us had ever seen. That's Stu's foot beside it, just for a little comparison.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


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