We made it to NY!

Monday, September 22, 2008

After spending all day Saturday on tracking & fixing the electrical issues, we were FINALLY able to hit the road on Sunday. We started the day off with a ride up to the closest Bob Evans for a great breakfast. Been a long time since I was able to do that...always splurge with the Fruit plate with yogurt, accompanied by their delicious banana nut bread. YUM!

Headed back and did the final close-up on the rig and headed out...perfect weather and a nice ride. Well, it was until we came to a full stop in southern NJ. Listening to the CB we learned there was an SUV on it's back. We also learned that the far left & far right lanes were closed...fortunately we were in one of the two center lanes and didn't need to move. We got to watch stupid motorcycle trips as one guy on a Harley decided to not only split lanes (scary in itself) but turn immediately in front of slowly moving vehicles (like our HUGE rig) to change lanes. Not once, not twice but over and over again. Those are the idiots that give bike riders a bad name....and will one day become a spot in the road.

We had two unmarked cars come charging up the shoulder as well as at least three road work sign trucks. When we got to the accident, everything was cleared except the two cars (one on each side of the road) and the police were trying to recreate what happened. Once past that the traffic was flowing nicely.

Our next incident was a little more traumatic....we hit a stretch of road in Jersey that about jarred our teeth out. The road looked like it had stitches taken in gashes and it had to have been the roughest road I've ever been on. Of course it was MUCH worse because we both had to pee so bad....me especially.

We knew there was a rest area ahead but when Stu saw a weigh station with an exit, he thought that might work and pulled over. The weigh station was closed and gated so we took the exit. Figures we'd find one with no re-entry but at least there was a wide spot to pull over so we could make our pit stop.

Due to the jarring roads, Stu thought he should check the trike. Good thing.....there were some major issues. One D-ring was pulled completely out of the mount. The other D-ring had one screw pulled out of the floor. The bike had rolled back out of the wheel chock several inches. But the topper was the wall hanger for the ladder & smaller accessories (like the portable DirecTV dish & vacuum hose) was pulled out of the side of the wall and things were on top of the bike. There were several marks on the tourpack that will have to get buffed out.

We made adjustments, got the bike tied down again and the fallen items relocated and hit the road. The GPS tried to turn us right at the T ahead of us but looking at the map, there seemed to be an entry ramp to the left. We figured the routing, set for trucks, was sending us the long way to avoid our crossing a smaller bridge. We opted for the left turn & the bridge and lo & behold...about 1/4 mile to the left was a LARGE exit with a truck stop. Oh well...and of course as soon as we got back onto the highway we saw the Rest Area exit sign. LOL!

We arrived in Highland, NY at my youngest stepdaughter's house. Everyone was out front waving....they had been working all day planting 14 trees. Phew....I was tired just looking at what they had accomplished! Hugs & introductions ensued, then the bike was pulled out and put in the garage and the trailer backed into the yard. We started our set up and then gave tours to the grandkids who were really in AWE at our living in the RV.

Some great chatting followed by a delicious dinner followed, the 4 grandkids headed to bed and we four adults sat and talked about Gettysburg, Mexico travel and lots more. Next thing we knew it was almost 1am. Eeeek! Good thing we're retired! LOL!

Looks like we'll be leaving here on Wednesday and head to Pottstown, PA for a service appointment for the trailer. Hopefully we'll be out of there Thursday night or Friday at the latest and head back to Maryland until 10/4. Got a lunch set on Saturday with some motorcycle friends and plan to go to the Renaissance Faire on Sunday (I've never been). Every day the following week is already booked with things to do and people to see. On Sunday the 5th we'll leave MD until next year.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. I am happy to see the "M" word (Mexico) on this post. When is that going to be? I cannot recommend it highly enough!

  2. Glad to see you guys made it safely.

    One question Donna, does Stu's trailer have three a/c's on it? Can you run all three on 50 amp service?


  3. Hey Stu, Donna.

    Could you please post pictures of the inside of your truck cab....would love to hear how it is set up......as to things you have added to it.

  4. Hey, Donna and Stu!

    We loved having you and look forward to your next visit, whenever that may be! :)

    Looks like you had a beautiful ride up in the Catskills, for sure. Can you send along any other pics you took when you were here? We'd love to have them.

    We love you,
    Eric & Mick & the kids


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