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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yesterday afternoon disaster hit....my user profile on my laptop got corrupted. While a first for me, after reading around a lot, it's not all that uncommon especially with Vista. After my initial panic and multiple reboots trying to get into my profile, I found out what I needed to do (create two new admin level profiles, one of which would become my new ID).

Five hours of copying all my user contents (24GB) to the new ID (using the second new one), then resetting up the things that didn't come over (default programs, desktop settings, start menu, quick launch - still working on those) and I was somewhat back in action. Any program that referenced data locations in my old user profile had to be changed to the new user name.

I am still having a lot of problems...things are missing or not working in Vista. Even though I have two good admin level profiles, a lot of commands just aren't responded to....other programs tell me they can't find the Windows installer and won't run (FrontPage is one of those). I need to run my Vista install disk and restore things but guess what is on its way to Baltimore. Yup...all my disks & manuals. LOL!

So, I am being very careful & cautious for the next two weeks till I can get what I need an hopefully get Vista back on its feet. I just wanted to post a warning, if I disappear - stop blogging and appearing in fthe fourms, then my laptop has bit the big one. Best I can do is add Stu as an author here and hope he can get in and post an update.

Next laptop is going to be a MAC....

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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