Gillette WY to Reed Point MT

Thursday, August 7, 2008

When you last left our heroine, she was at the Escapade in Gillette, WY and was having TOO MUCH FUN riding around on the back of a gorgeous Harley-Davidson trike, driven but a very handsome gentleman. story continues....

Well, after much discussion about itineraries Stu and I decided to head to Reed Point, MT. There was a Passport America campground there and it was close to Billings where I needed to get some service work done but also close to Stu's next stop which was Yellowstone.

The drive there was breathtaking....starting out with rolling hills covered in wildflowers and then on to mountain vistas you dream about and then back to softer hills with even more wildflowers. All the photos were snapped through my windshield while driving so forgive the quality.

Reed Point, MT is one of those little beside the highway towns that is interesting as well as fun. We enjoyed out time there, relaxing and enjoying a visit to a local watering hole. You know it's country when you ask for a white wine spritzer and get told, "We got pink sh!t in a box and white sh!t in a box." LOL!! Here are a few pics of the town including the inside of the bar we visited (and enjoyed).

And here are a few pics of the Old West RV Park campground & our rigs (mine looks miniature next to Stu's). We really enjoyed the little park, the owners were fabulous and helped us out with logistics with a late stay. We plan to visit them again.

While taking a break at the park and waiting for my service appointment to arrive, we discussed the trip to Yellowstone. Stu got the bright idea that I should just leave me rig a couple of extra days (store at the RV place) and we'd go together in his rig. Sounded like a plan to me...

So the morning of my appointment Stu followed me on his trike to the dealer in Billings, MT and we came back, picked up his rig and headed south towards Yellowstone.

Stay tuned, more story to come...

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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