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Thursday, November 29, 2007

This will be a somewhat disjointed blog today....lots of little bits & pieces to mention. First and foremost...for you RVers (and riders) out there...check your tires! Why?

Read this blog from one of my friends, Nick Russell (full-timer & rider), for the definitely gory details. Makes you think twice.....I already knew I would need a rear tire on the BMW very soon but his tale reminded me that I need to get new tires on the motorhome as well. They have a lot of tread left but the sidewalls (at least on the four I can see) are showing signs of dry rot. I don't know the condition of the inside rear tires nor the spare but based upon age, I will probably end up replacing them all (to the tune of probably $2000 or so....EEEEK!).

Next are two more blog mentions that are somewhat related in their themes:
Both are excellent and will help non-RVers better understand the call of the lifestyle. I've marked both to read over again from time to time.

The final blog mention is a touching one, it speaks about the folks we consider lost...but are they really? Maybe they are getting it right and we're the lost ones. Randy Gets the Story

Some other bits....had a productive day (read, no two hour nap taken). I got the insurance set on the motorhome, motorcycle and trailer. I had talked to Foremost at the Escapade and gotten some tentative quotes. It was time to finalize and activate them. I was still covered under State Farm but since the house was sold, even though I was paying for the homeowner's I might have had a problem trying to collect if something happened. Full-timers insurance covers not only your contents (personal effects) but liability for accidents that might befall visitors.

Then I made the call to State Farm to cancel all my coverage. This was harder than I thought...I've had coverage with them since I first left home at age 18. All my cars, motorcycles, and houses have been covered by them. But they don't offer any type of full-timers insurance so it was a must.

The campground is probably 95% occupied with the HOP here. They brought in two buses this morning to take them on their adventures. When they returned this afternoon, I was tired just thinking about their busy day.

Almost forgot, got up this morning to no water....looked at the outside thermometer, this was about 7:45am, and it was only 27 degrees out there! Figured the hose had frozen since I hadn't disconnected it...the freeze was totally unexpected. I had water from my tank so that was okay. I took a walk to 1) get a little exercise and 2) to see if I was the only idiot to have their water hose connected last night (I wasn't). Snapped a pic of the geese in Turkey Creek - all headed the other way....LOL!

click to see larger image

Tomorrow is laundry and pack things up in the RV day so that I can head out Saturday morning. Plans call for me to head to the Escapees Livingston, TX park, Rainbow's End, for a day or two, then on to my "home" for the month of December - Luling, TX. Found what looks to be a nice park (good reviews) with everything I need - laundry, pull-throughs (already booked), free wi-fi if I have problems with Verizon (which has been an issue the last couple of days so right now I'm on the last two hours of my 24 hours purchased from Tengo Internet, the provider here), as well as close to the BMW dealer in San Antonio and two good sized Camping Worlds.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. I had an inside rear dual blow out on my Sea Breeze coach just a month after we bought it. The tires, Michelin's, looked good but the coach was 6 years old and the tires may have been older. When it came apart it tore up the storage bay behind it, so the repairs of that actually cost more than one tire. I did like you and replaced all of them and it is expensive.

    I have never had a line freeze but have been in places where we needed to remember to take in (and drain) the water supply line and we didn't leave the sewer drain hose out, only got it out when we were going to use it, then rinsed, drained & put it away.

    I am not sure where your month long stay in Texas is- will it be warm there? Staying warm in the winter is one of the best things about the RV lifestyle. I wish I could talk Pat into spending the winter in Arizona!

  2. Knock Wood...I haven't had any "major" tire problems...did have "belt separation" happen though, right front...about a year ago...It was on a "slow" road,however, and a tire service joint was only a few miles away. I was able to "limp it in". I replaced both fronts, then and there. My "rears" are still on my "Honeydo" list, lol...
    The prices on tires, sure makes me glad ol' Wanderwolf is a Class-C...rather than anything "larger"!
    Out here in Northern Nevada, with temps into the 20's every night, ya learn to disconnect, and blow out your waterhose..."every night"...hee hee...

    Michael, Crowe, and Wanderwolf


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