Belated Veteran's Day Thank You

Monday, November 12, 2007

I am a day late but after several discussions today, I wanted to post my thank you to all who have served - past, present and gone to a greater reward. Yesterday was Veteran's Day, today is the Federal Holiday. Government offices, banks and post offices close as well as the occasional other business or school.

Like most of my generation, our fathers and grandfathers probably served and sometimes mothers as well. My father and mother both served in the Navy, both my grandfathers served as well (I'm assuming Army since I don't remember anything different). My husband(s) served Navy, Air Force, Army and Marines (one served twice, two different branches). My son and oldest daughter both served in the Army and were activated while in the Reserves. I guess I always expected that today meant something to everyone.

Today I found out that's not necessarily true. I spent time talking with a business owner, a retired doctor and several other folks of my age, and all were surprised that today was a Federal Holiday.

Then I had an interesting discussion with a man probably about my son's age. He was a veteran and was visibly disturbed that veterans seem to be getting less and less respect, even in this turbulent time. He felt that all veterans should have the holiday a thank you. He goes out of his way to say "thank you" to others who serve.

As I perused my forums and blogs yesterday and today, only one blog that I follow mentioned the holiday. In the RVing forums, one had a thank you was in a veterans folder. Two others....nothing. Yet in at least six motorcycle forums there were multiple threads and messages thanking our service men and women.

Stop and think....where would this country be if not for them? I, for one, don't want to consider that option....thank you all!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Now you got me wondering, who was in which service? I know the former Marine, but the others....please emnail me for my own peace of mind. Thanks! BTW, I found a LOT of Vets salutes in my crafting blogs.... :)I love you!

  2. ps- check out this post - I think you'll enjoy it :)

  3. Amen, Donna.

    In the RV Park that I am in, there were only 3 rigs flying flags. Ours was one of them and one of the others was flown by some great people from Ontario.

    I sure wish more people would remember our vets. We owe them a lot.


  4. We had our flag flying on the actual day, the 11th, but not yesterday. I am not fond of those juggled holidays done to give government & school employees longer weekends. I never got them off when I was working and would rather they left the holidays alone.

    I was in the Army and have a son who is a career Navy man. Dad was in the old Army Air Corps in the 1930s but was more valuable as an engineer working on radar during WW II than he would have been carrying a rifle or whatever.

  5. I rode with a motorcycle group in a Veteran's Day Parade in Mesa, Arizona. There were so many American FLags flying, it made me teary eyed. It was a beautiful parade with nothing but Americans, being, well, American!! Everyone was waving their flags, smiling, and thanking the Veterans, just like the good old days!!


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