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Friday, August 3, 2018

I've been busy with "stuff" and haven't shared some of our more recent photos. First, things are still blooming. Our Crepe Myrtle still has some blooms and both the Japanese Beetles

and the bees are enjoying it.

The hummingbirds are enjoying life, too.

One of the biggest changes are the new awnings over our front windows. We are doing everything we can do cut the amount of hot afternoon sun that steam heats our office and master bedroom. We've already put film on both windows and added extra blinds/curtains inside. Hoping this makes a difference. That aside, I really like the way they look. The installation was a breeze since you put up the mounts first, then slide in the slats. We opted for open slats because in the winter months, we want to get some sunlight in for heat help.

This is how it looks from inside our bedroom.

Stu finally got around to hanging a few signs - this one is in the kitchen.

This one is on our back deck.

Our blackberries are gone...this was all our neighbor's son could gather.

Of course, I can't close without a couple pics of the #2Doods. Here's Murphy doing a, um, dance pose? He stood like this for a while and Stu managed to catch it in a photo.

Here's Cooper, guarding the yard...

..and relaxing on the deck.

They love getting petted....

Especially Cooper...

Ciao for now!


  1. Everything looks great, lave the awnings


    1. Thanks, Robin. Appreciate the drop by, read and comment. (I love the awnings, too)


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