Day 1 - Relaxing (?) in Pigeon Forge with the grandgirls

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Stu got up REALLY early on Wednesday and headed to Nashville airport to pick up our grandgirls, Olivia and Jesse, at 7:15am. The #2Doods were already at doggy camp and I was busy with cleaning and laundry in prep for the visit. Once here, we relaxed a bit, played board games and did jigsaw puzzles. Everyone crashed early after their early morning start.

Our initial plans were to head to Dollywood early Thursday, spend the night, have breakfast at Mel's Diner and head back to pick up the #2Doods before closing time at 6pm. Fortunately, Stu had downloaded the Dollywood app and discovered this was the first Thursday Dollywood would be closed, starting their Tues/Thurs closing schedule earlier than we anticipated.

Time to punt. Since it was after closing at doggy camp, we sent them a message letting them know our plans were changing and we'd pick the pups up Saturday morning. We headed out to Pigeon Forge around 9:30ish, stopped for lunch at Mel's Diner.

From there, we were off to WonderWorks for the afternoon. We easily spent several hours there, the girls were never bored and even Daddoo had fun doing the rock climb and the astronaut ride. You can see ALL the photos in our SmugMug album.

We ended in the arcade where the girls played a few games and turned in their points for some candy. Here's some pics of Livie sucking on a sour ball!

After that we planned to have dinner at Denny's. That wasn't to be, the first one listed in the GPS didn't exist and the second one was closed for remodeling. We found a Texas Roadhouse and the girls were entertained by a balloon maker. Livie asked for a flower and Jesse wanted a monkey. The monkey's banana was an added touch. Oh, and the girls chose all the colors.

The restaurant turned out to be next door to our hotel, the Best Western Toni Inn. Time in the pool was enjoyed before calling it a night. Big day at Dollywood tomorrow!

>> On to DAY TWO!

Ciao for now!


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