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Shopping...a little of this, a little of that

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Living 30 minutes from major shopping of any sort, we still use our Amazon Prime membership a lot. But with the competition from Walmart, we also do price comparisons before clicking the buy button. Rock Island Auto is another favorite site for car parts and of course, Lowe's and Home Depot.

A few of the things we've bought online recently have been an extra set of mulching blades for Stu's new zero-turn mower, oil filters for the Jeep as well as both the lawn tractor, long handle loppers and zero-turn, descaling solution for our Keurig and a wireless extender for better Wi-Fi reception in our office.

Some of the more fun things we recently bought were...

LED Mini Flashlight - 2 pack
I love these. Small but bright, running on one AA battery. Drop it in a purse, stash it in a nightstand, put one in the glove box - perfect for just about anywhere.

Anker Ultra Compact Slim Profile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Rechargeable Battery
Stu's new desk has a slide-out shelf for a keyboard and since he is using it more (to write his blog posts for Backend of Nowhere Garage), we ordered this. Works well, was easy to pair to his MacBook Air.

Tervis Star Wars 24 oz Tumbler
I already had two 24 oz Tervis cups, it was time to get Stu a second one before he wore this one out completely.

Water Flosser (corded)
We had a Waterpik, rechargeable, but the battery died and a new NiCad one was almost the price of a new device. Stu decided he wanted a corded one and this is the one we chose. It's working well and he really likes it. Does a great job!


There are two more in this set that I'd still like to get - a moose and a scene showing two Adirondack chairs looking out on the water. Another one is a lighthouse, but think I will stop at four. LOL!

And, of course, we couldn't forget the #2Doods!
Yaky Chews (Himalayan Cheese Chews)
Elk Antlers

Ciao for now!


  1. Amazing how fast you can regain clutter in a house, eh?

    1. Yes it is....but, we have WAY less stuff in the RV. LOL!


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