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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Everyone knows how much we buy via Amazon Prime but it's not always the best price. For example, I wanted some mesh metal magazine organizers for the pantry. We keep several flavors and strengths of K-cups on hand for our coffee maker. Multiple boxes stacked haphazardly was not the best solution. I thought this might work out better.

I started looking for them and discovered Target had them at half the price of anywhere else, including the office supply stores. I ordered four and loved them once I got them set up. They worked out well!

In fact, so well, when I found a perfume I was looking for cheaper at Target than anywhere else online, I ordered two more. When they arrived, I reorganized the pantry, pulling out multiple items to take to a local shelter, things no longer on our diets.

Then I added the two additional organizers which let me load one with DECAF coffee on the lower shelf. I love it!

So, what do you think of my new shirt? LOL! Kind of fits, doesn't it.

Speaking of diets....I'm happy. Now within 2.5# of my next goal. Of course once that's met, I set a new goal of 5# less. All in all, my final goal by the end of this year is 12.5# less than where I am now. I think that's quite doable! My bust has lost size so the comparison isn't as dramatic, but I'm happy! I've gone from tight size 14 pants to loose size 12 and sometimes even a size 10 pant.

Ciao for now!


  1. Good job on the weight loss! We do a lot of shopping online, but for a big electronic purchase, we like to shop locally, and Target seems to have pretty good deals on them. Mary buys all our pt supplies and cleaning supplies there.

    1. Thanks, John. Hubby has lost 30#, too. I LOVE Target but don't have one closer than a 2 hour drive. Sigh...so I have to restrict myself to shopping online. LOL!

    2. What diet are you doing? That's a big differencce.Looking good.

    3. For those interested, we are doing sort of a lazy keto/lo carb diet. The only thing we track is calories and carbs. We try to keep our daily carbs under 25 (and we don't do the new "net carb" calculations). Stu is 1800 calories a day, was 1900 before he lost 30#. I'm at 1100, down from 1200.

      We eat a lot of meats of all kinds, eggs, cheese, Greek yogurt, cream cheese (love it with green olives), olives, most veggies. We make fat bombs for sweet treats, use almond flour to make mini-bread loaves, find all kinds of keto recipes online.


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