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Monday, July 23, 2018

I know you've seen the "He went to Jared..." jewelry commercials, right? Well, right here in Cookeville, we have the OTHER Jared. Guess they have the beginning AND the end of the marriage  covered....
Yes, I already shared this on Facebook and Instagram....
A stop at Cracker Barrel and had to take a pic...it's not even August yet!

We have had some severe weather lately...and for the first time EVER found ourselves under a tornado warning (both phones screaming alarms) and were advised to take cover immediately. We determined the utility room would be the most protected from the incoming weather (typically moves west to east). The master bedroom (with windows) and master bath (no windows) face the west and the utility room is behind them facing the east (no windows), in addition the garage and the kitchen are on the north/south sides.

So we gathered up the dogs, our iPads and two chairs and settled in until the warning was lifted thirty minutes later.

You can see how concerned the #2Doods were. Here they are just afterwards...
Both pups have been great during storms, not even being bothered by the thunder and lightning. But the other night someone in the neighborhood decided to set off some fireworks. Cooper barked, his normal reaction, but Murphy started to get a bit agitated. We sent them to their crate and being their safe place, they both went right to sleep. Phew!

I had posted a question on Facebook about why people buy/collect coffee/tea cups/mugs. While some were for sayings and travel memories, the majority cared about how it felt in their hands as well as how much they held. What about you?

We have a HUGE collection of diner mugs that we picked up during our years of travel. I also have quite a few I bought for the sayings as well as my pottery ones that feel SO good. Here are three photos showing maybe a little over half of what we have. The rest are in the RV or in totes for Stu to use in the Back End of Nowhere Garage.
Diner mugs, Disney mugs, mugs with sayings
More Disney mugs and my favorite pottery mugs
I bought this set because I love the looks. Unfortunately they don't feel as good as they look
and will probably get sold at some point

Oh, and I almost forgot our new bean pot mugs!!

Ciao for now!


  1. Mugs, yeah. I only have a few, but they are special souvenirs. Two are from the Lawrence Hall of Science, where we used to go often when we lived in CA. One was for me, with the chemical equation for chocolate! The other was for my late husband, it was the equation for coffee. He used it at work. Now that he's gone, that one is extra special. I also have one from a vacation in Puerto Rico, the NW end, no tourist shops, so a mug with the map of the island was the best I could do! I have some unique ones from thrift stores or garage sales I keep pencils and pens in. I had a favorite mug from the Dollar Tree, it was just the right size, and felt good to hold. It broke and I haven't found another that felt so right! Mugs for souvenirs are great, they are useful so you don't feel you wasted your money!

    1. Oh my, I love your story of your chemical equations! Thank you for sharing. We have too many, and we even gave a lot of them away. LOL!

  2. I like mugs, too. Don't actually "collect" them; they just seem to multiply on their own!

    Virtual hugs,



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