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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Stu's trip is winding down, he hopes to be home by the end of the week. We can't wait! Yesterday was our youngest granddaughter's birthday party.

Our older grandgirls were more than willing to help get the house ready for the party. After all, what are cousins for?

Yes, she (and her mom) are obsessed with unicorns!

I've stayed busy writing and monitoring the excavation for our pole barn build. Hopefully when he gets home, he will start writing up the text for the new blog, Backend of Nowhere Garage.

I've been fighting a cold - allergies - a cold - allergies. Not sure, but it's kept me under the weather for almost two weeks. SOOOOO ready for it to be gone. I have gotten in some writing AND some reading (finally). I've caught up on most of my Hallmark romance and mystery movies, too.

The #2doods have settled into a routine, even sleeping in till 8-9 am for me. Bless them both! They play hard and the sleep hard. Cooper was chasing his little squirrel, at times flipping up the rug to hide it, then getting it back out. He slides all over the foyer, chasing it (or an elk antler).

Then Murphy joined him, starting their lazy play.

I grabbed two videos of them playing, getting a kick out of their growling play sounds. Their voices are slightly different... CLICK HERE for the first video, then CLICK HERE for the second one.

Remember the carpenter bee trap Stu made before he left? I had forgotten all about it until I went out to refill the hummingbird feeders. One angry bee joined the others....

Ciao for now!


  1. Glad to hear your pups! I miss having pups around the house. And yours are adorable. We had some kind of Heinz 57 mix breed that looked at times like a labradoodle, at times like a small poodle, at times like an English sheepdog. Oh, she was a crazy girl. And so smart.

    Your unicorn decorations and treats are adorable. My two year-old granddaughter had a unicorn-themed second birthday. Unicorns are quite popular and Pinterest has so many great ideas for games, decorations, party favors but the two year old guests at Lucia's party were more interested in blowing bubbles and eating cake!!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed hearing the pups - they are a hoot! 120 combined pounds of fun. Likely your pup was a doodle of some sort. It's a great mix.

      Waverly picked her birthday theme last year (trolls) and this year (unicorns). Give Lucia another year and it sounds like she'll be doing the same. Enjoy - they grow up way too fast!


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