Saturday, July 15, 2017

We have keys....LOTS of keys. Keys to three vehicles. Keys to the RV entry doors. Keys to the RV outside storage bays. Keys to the toolbox on the pickup. Keys to the shed on our property. Keys to the shed on our house. Keys to the deadbolts on the house. Keys to the storm door on the house. Keys to doorknob on the door between the utility room and garage. Keys to Stu's Craftsmen toolboxes. Keys to....well, you get the idea.

This means multiple key rings. I have one set up for the RV, when in Florida or traveling and I have one for the house. Both have keys to the pickup, the only vehicle I drive. Stu has one set for everything but the motorcycle and one for the motorcycle.

Last week he was out riding with our friend, Earl, and they wanted to stop at the house. Stu realized he had the garage door opener but no house key. I had left to do some shopping and was 30 miles away.

So we bought a couple of things to aid our failing memories (and yes, he did add a house key to his motorcycle key ring) and also help if we need to ask someone to access the house when we are away.

First was adding a Universal Garage Door Wireless Opener from LiftMaster. My late husband and I had one and I loved it. (And if I close the garage door while Stu is working in the shed and the side door is locked, oh, and his keys are in the house - VOILA! He can enter). You can read more on the Liftmaster site.
LiftMaster Universal 387LM Keyless Entry
Next was adding a combination Key Safe or LockBox inside the garage. We did this for two reasons. We never lock the doorknob lock on the door between the garage and utility room. Since we already carry too many keys, that is one we don't bother with. But what if someone accidentally locked it?

The key safe is mounted inside the garage and we have stored a copy of the deadbolt key as well as the doorknob key. This way we will never be locked out. Plus, if we need someone to access the house and they don't have keys to it, we can get them inside without having to mail them keys.
Kidde KeySafe Push Button Combination Key Lock Box, 2-Key
Of course we now have number combinations to remember for our house security system, the house safe, the RV safe, the garage door opener and the key safe. LOL! Needless to say, these are written down and accessible via our smart phones thanks to DropBox and a shared folder between us.

Phew! I think we have all contingencies covered...well, for the most part. I'm sure something will come back to bite us in the butt. LOL!

Ciao for now!


  1. WOW ... I really am happy we are down to 2 keys ... The gate and our front door. 😍😍😍

  2. I hope you have some sort of encrypted password keeper to keep things safe on DropBox and not just a text file. Senior folks at DropBox have access to whatever you put there and then there's always the possibility of a security leak on their end or a software error that makes it possible for things to be extracted.

    You should be using a password manager…there are lots of good ones…that encrypts on your phone and then only stores the encrypted file on DropBox and the encrypted blob is what gets synced back and forth between your and Stu's devices/computers…the blob is then decrypted on whatever device you're using at the time.
    1Password is good as is LastPass…they both cost a couple bucks a month. There are other options as well from cheap to not quite so cheap.


    1. We do use LastPass, have for years and swear by it (I'd never be able to do anything without it). It's free, even for mobile devices now. Good point - thanks for commenting!!


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