Off Again, Jiggity Jog

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Carnival Pride cruise ship passing by the Sandy Point Shoal Light in front of rising Worm Moon by Walter Dorsett
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Yes, we're off again. Another week (our last this year, sniff) in the Southern Caribbean. New ship, old destinations but that's fine since Stu gets to scuba dive in three of the ports. The fourth is Belize where we plan to go zip-lining and cave tubing with several members of our favorite band, Six Appeal.

We'll be gone a week, come back and get a shed delivered to our RV lot, and on Thursday we head out. We have reservations in Chattanooga for the weekend so we can attend the annual Cruise-In sponsored by Coker Tire. This will be our first time attending and I know we'll both enjoy it.

Once we arrive at home in Tennessee, we have a lot to do. If I manage to get the first draft of Paradise Dead completed on the cruise, then I have to tackle the editing so I can get it to my proof readers. I have a publication deadline of May first. Once that's done, I will be tackling the edits of Almost a Touch. Phew!

If you don't follow my writing blog, you might want to take a peek in April. For the first time in several years, I'm participating in the April A to Z Blog Challenge. I think my theme is one you'll enjoy. The reveal will be posted on Monday. Here's a little hint....

April A to Z Blog Challenge

Ciao for now!


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