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Friday, March 17, 2017

I finally gave in to yoga pants after finding some that fit well, don't stretch out and are inexpensive (Walmart). I have four pairs of black and one gray. But I stopped at wearing leggings. Heck, I'll be 70 this year. I've got a few jiggles and rolls. I can't wear them...can I?

Well, after everyone and their brother started wearing them, including some friends older (and some larger), I started looking. I thought maybe I could just get a pair of black ones. But why, when my black yoga pants do so well. I wear them do dinner all the time on our cruises. But the patterns...way too wild for me.

But I kept looking. LulaRoe, Leggings, Under Armour and a variety of department stores - then I found the VIV Collection at Amazon. I got brave. I really did! I bought three pairs with patterns. I bought the PLUS size which it says goes from 14-24. They are very soft and fit really well, just some extra material at the ankles (short, remember?).

I already have several tops long enough to wear with these - one in black, one in orange and one in olive. Good thing, the two tunic type tops I ordered either came to my knees (yes, I'm short) or made me look 12 months pregnant. They got returned.

Hoping I still like them AFTER our cruise. <grin>

Ciao for now!


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