Post Cruise Update - Part V

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We arrived back in California on Sunday, disembarked and got our luggage without any trouble. Bill and Dotty drove to pick us up. Fortunately, the traffic back to Palm Springs was much lighter.

On the way we stopped for lunch at Apple Annie's, up in the mountains. Gorgeous scenery, great lunch! Since it's a whole village of shopping and Santa, it was quite busy, too.

Monday night we took them out to dinner, their choice was Roc's Firehouse Grille. Another great choice, wonderful atmosphere and delicious food.

We got up WAYYYYYY too early for our flight back to Orlando but boarded without much difficulty. Both legs of our trip were booked solid and I had the "lovely" middle seat. Oh joy....LOL! But we got to Orlando, picked up our rental car (after a double booking of the same car) and arrived home without incident.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Bill & Dotty for their friendship, hospitality and transportation.

We unpacked the next day and I did ten loads of laundry (small washer in the RV but better than a laundromat). I was better but still lacking energy and sleeping a lot. Still has a little nagging cough but we think it's allergies.

Stu worked some more on Scooby but to no avail. Yesterday we took him into a local repair shop that had good reviews. Today we got the news that the wiring harness for the fuel injection needs to replaced. Oh yeah, and there are two of them. As Stu says, at 1/4 million miles, things are expected to break. Just glad it didn't leave us stranded somewhere.

Thursday we head to Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground for five days. Yes, we will be at Disney on Christmas Day. Oh my! What were we thinking? LOL! Best part is on Friday, Stu will be doing the DiveQuest at Disney.  Diving in the 2nd largest aquarium in North America. This is his birthday present and he is SO excited! LOL!

I expect we will be exhausted every night so I doubt we will be blogging much until we get back.

Oh, and if you are interested, you can see ALL our trip photos HERE.

Ciao for now!


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