Out to sea - again!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's time - we're heading out to sea again. We are doing a back-to-back on the Carnival Conquest out of Ft. Lauderdale. Once again, we have been to all these ports multiple times. Stu will scuba dive and I will write (and read, my backlog is growing).

There won't be many photos, we've taken so many in the past. LOL! Here are some SmugMug album links for those who want pictures.

Our November cruise
Our January & March cruises

Some people ask why we like to cruise. That's easy! We don't have to do ANYTHING unless we want to. No cooking, no cleaning, no bed making, food 24/7, shopping for fun things, good music and comedy entertainment, foreign lands (we loved practicing our minimal Spanish where it's used) and, of course, sun - beach - water!

It's our vacation. People tell us we live on vacation and as retirees, that's sort of true. But we still have all the day to day things that plague everyone. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, maintenance & repairs, doctors - all that STUFF. This is our time to lay back and relax, and we love it.

Normally we aren't in Florida this late in the year. It's getting a bit warm for us, but not unbearable so far. We originally had one cruise booked and didn't want to cancel it since it put us in the Platinum loyalty class for our Hawaii cruise. Well, Stu decided we needed to be Platinum for my birthday cruise out of Baltimore in September. So now we're doing two, a 6 day followed by a 7 day. Fun!

May 22nd: 6 Night Exotic Eastern Caribbean
Fort Lauderdale  Half Moon Cay    Amber Cove  Grand Turk    Fort Lauderdale
May 28th: 7 Night Western Caribbean
Fort Lauderdale    Cozumen  Belize City  Roatan  Grand Cayman    Fort Lauderdale

Ciao for now!


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