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Monday, May 9, 2016

Valentines clip art

When Stu and I met at the Escapees Escapade in Gillette, WY, we each had our own blogs, chronicling our journeys to that point. Over the summer we started this blog and let the others sit there as history.

When we redid our website, Stu discovered he had been locked out of his account and we couldn't link to it. He contacted the admins and they reactivated his account. At this point we opted to move everything into this blog as well as all my solo posts from my old website, Froggi Lady.

Some of you may have received emails with these posts - sorry! LOL! But, for anyone who is interested in Stu's earlier posts, you can click the label for "Stu and Lin". For me it would be the label "Froggi Tales". (The labels are on the lower right hand side of our blog.)

You can also read just the journey taken with our late spouses:
Life is good and we know we are doubly blessed!!

Ciao for now!


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