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Thursday, March 17, 2016

When I left you, Stu was getting ready to ride the motorcycle to Maryland to spend time with family. Three deaths in the span of a month are a bit much. He left around 1pm on Monday and arrived at his brother's house late Wednesday afternoon. He had a good ride with good weather. Of course, they are now saying there is a possibility of snow this weekend. Never fails...but I suspect he will be able to head back south on Monday or Tuesday.

As to my grandson, not much has really changed. His blood pressure came up enough that pain medication was added, helping him rest better. They extracted some fluid from his lungs to help his breathing and his O2 levels went from about 50 to 80 and settled back in at 70. They also installed a filter to keep any blood clots from his lungs and heart.

They feel all his fractures will heal with time: skull, temple, ribs and pelvis. But he won't be able to stand and put weight on his pelvis for at least a month. The swelling and blood in his brain hasn't changed but they feel it will dissolve over time.

He is still on the ventilator, after several attempts at changing sedation and other meds to allow him to come off it. Tomorrow will bring another attempt to get him off it and see if he can breath on his own. Once that is done, they will stop the sedation and hopefully see him wake.

He has a really long recovery ahead of him. Family is already talking to social services about what kind of help he will be available to receive. As a twenty-two year old student without medical insurance, his bills will be staggering. Family will help as much as they can and a close friend has started a GoFundMe page for him.

Me? I'm hanging in there, doing fun things like sorting out stuff to give away, cleaning house, doing laundry, oh yeah, and TAXES! I am getting in some research and writing for my first novella in the Lei Crime Series Kindle World. No idea if I will get the first draft done before April 1st, but that's my goal.

Let me leave you with this image...10:30pm, me in my jamies and slippers, outside with a flashlight and my iPad Mini, on Facetime with Stu while he talks me through finding the lever to pull to dump our gray tank. Yup, kitchen sink was full and the garage had some water from the laundry I ran today. Guess who forgot to do this when we came back from the cruise? Fun time in the neighborhood!

Ciao for now!


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