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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First things first - my grandson is doing very well. Thank you to everyone for all their thoughts, prayers, good wishes, support and encouragement. It's been slower than we might have wished for but better than we anticipated. He still has a long way to go but he keeps smiling, albeit a bit crooked.

He has no insurance and faces months of therapy as his various broken bones heal and he works to regain function lost from the brain injury (and skull fractures). Family is helping as much as possible and his friends are chipping in, too, with the creation of a GoFundMe page.

Smiling through it all (hoping the right side joins in the smile soon).
He was discharged yesterday, spent a night at his dad and step-mom's and friends are driving him from Kansas to Colorado Springs where he will continue his recuperation with his mother (my daughter) and step-dad.

Stu has been enjoying his visit with family in Maryland and Delaware. He spent several days with his brother and nieces (and all their offspring).

Brother, Scott, and Stu 
Nieces, grand-nieces and grand-nephew
Then he moved to his youngest daughter's house and enjoyed our youngest grandbaby, Waverly. Many meals were consumed, many steps were taken in the mall, many smiles were given (and taken).

Step-daughter, Bev, and granddaughter, Waverly
At the mall to see the Easter Bunny - no go. Didn't like it any better than Santa. LOL!
Now he is in Delaware with Olivia, Jesse and of course, Sadie (who still loves sleeping in the sun).

Today he is getting the bike serviced and if all continues as planned, he will head homeward tomorrow. He plans to take the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel, which adds a few miles but makes it a more interesting ride. He should arrive home on Saturday (just in time for a week of rain here).

Ciao for now!


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