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Monday, March 28, 2016

It's been an interesting week, to say the least. Stu left Maryland last Wednesday and made good time arriving home here in Florida (okay, Home sub2). Weather was good and he beat the rain moving in here.

Me? A bit more interesting time. First was two days of sinus headaches - bad sinus bags under my eyes to prove it. The weather had been so nice I had the windows open all day and slept with the window and Fantastic Fan Vent open at night.

Then on Thursday I smelled ammonia. Anyone who has ever had an RV refrigerator knows what that means. The cooling unit is leaking. Since the fridge was staying cool at 40 degrees, I figured it was a slow leak. NOT! Next morning it was 62 degrees. Eeep!

I had set the alarm for 8am to call our local repair guys, the ones who have worked on several things in our rig, as soon as the opened. They were booked solid. While I was looking for an alternative, knowing with it being Easter weekend nothing would really get done until Monday, they called me back. The owner had time to run out...and best news was he brought me a mini-fridge. I only had to toss out a few things (all my no long frozen bags of vegetables for one) but I saved the meats in the freezer and all the condiments and dairy products.

Fast forward to Sunday. We were invited to a casual Easter dinner with our friends, Chris and Charles Yust (also our wonderful insurance agents). They had also invited our good friends, Nick and Terry Russell. We arrived around 2pm and stayed till 9pm. That's what happens with this group. Delicious food (I never took photos, sorry) and great conversation. They're all in this area until April first but we will meet up again at the Escapade in Vermont this July.

Here are a few photos that Chris snapped, which is why she's not in any of them. LOL!

Pineapple encrusted ham - OH MY! It was delicious! 
Me and my good buddy, Nick Russell. Bailey the Bichon-Poodle rescue pup behind us.
Guess who? Nick wants his hat but without the Harley logo.
Charles Yust and our own, Miss Terry in the background.
Two topics of conversation, other than RVing and mutual friends, were cruising and, wonder of all wonders, refrigerators. Both couples have residential refrigerators in their motorhomes. They convinced Stu and when we came home, he took off all the doors and got the old fridge ready to pull out. Stu is, right now, on his way to Home Depot to buy what we need. It will be interesting. I do lose my drawer underneath the current fridge so I spent an hour this morning rearranging things. Always an adventure! By the end of this week we should have the new fridge in and running.

Last note, family. My grandson is now in Colorado with his mom and step-dad, working on getting all his medical referrals lined up this week. We are still hoping for a full recovery!

Ciao for now!


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