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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The weekly meet and greets continue and we are slowly finding our way around better and better. We've now eaten at Cafe Austria and Fabiano's (where we had some wonderful pizza). We've visited The Coffee Tree (bit overpriced but nice outdoor seating) and Carolina Bookstore (run by a retiree from NC). Today we met two folks who have a Royal Enfield motorcycle with a Ural sidecar. We met at San Sebas and before we were done, at least 5 or 6 others that we knew came in.

After our late breakfast/early lunch, we walked up to SuperMaxi and Sukasa. Sukasa is a more upper end department store and we picked up a French Press for our coffee. Bit pricey but we miss our morning cuppa joe. ;-)

We then got a few necessities from SuperMaxi and took a taxi back. Nice to realize we can walk one way there and if our packages had been lighter we could have walked back.

Few things we have discovered:
  • Trademark protection is not really enforced here (see photo below)
  • The noise and pollution everyone prepared us for, isn't that bad
  • The tagging everywhere is sad but it's a cultural thing (the locals like it)
  • Even when someone doesn't speak any English we have mostly managed to accomplish what is needed. Now if ordering food, we might get a surprise...LOL!
  • Pedestrians NEVER have the right of way - you have to keep your head on a swivel
  • The locals and the expats have all been wonderful
  • The fruits and veggies here are AMAZING (and inexpensive)
  • We are eating fresh fruit daily, some old standards, some we've never had

Here's the latest batch of photos taken with my old iPhone while walking through a new to us section of El Centro.


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