Three more sleeps!

Friday, April 12, 2013

I can't believe it, three more nights and we're on our way to Ecuador! Wow!! Yesterday we packed our bags - 2 large rolling duffels and 2 rolling carry-ons (packed for our hotel overnights). So far we are really liking the new luggage.

Today Stu took our RV to the body shop for work, then we parked the Freightliner at Sadie's foster mom's house. We had a nice visit with Sadie who appears to be thriving (and loving have a large yard to run in).

Then we headed over a Best Western close to Arundel Mills Mall. Our insurance is paying for these nights, fortunately. We had a nice dinner next door and are now relaxing. Tomorrow we'll head to the mall where 1) I'll get a haircut (finally), 2) we'll get in our walking, 3) we'll buy Stu a new water bottle (he left his on the back of the pickup and it ended up smooshed flat out in the street and 4) see the movie "42". Busy day!

Sunday we move to our hotel close to the airport we're leaving from and we'll do a little final luggage fixing and a last weigh-in. Then Monday we're on our way....not sure when we'll be back online. We don't arrive in Guayaquil until after 10:30PM and have no idea when we'll be settled in our apartment in Cuenca. So if you don't hear anything before Wednesday, don't be surprised. LOL!


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