This time next week, we'll be in Ecuador!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This time next week we'll be settled in our hotel room in Guayaquil...after over 16 hours of travel time. Our flight arrives at 10:30 pm so I suspect we'll still be keyed up and chattering. LOL!

This weekend we took Sadie to stay with a friend who has an older female mixed breed dog and a huge fenced in yard. Introductions were made and they got along well. Phew! Now we don't have to kennel her for a month. We weren't looking forward to that.

All our doctor visits are done and we have written copies of all our prescriptions. We'll use them as backup in case something were to happen to our pills while there.

It was a gorgeous spring day today, perfect temperatures, lots of sunshine and the smell of flowers in the air. We were both wishing the motorcycles were unloaded...we'd be riding. But too much still to do.

Today hubby did a video inventory of our rig and all our belongings. A good friend of ours had his rig broken into while it was parked at a repair facility. We sure hope that doesn't happen to us but I feel better with a little help documenting our belongings.

Several new online friends from Cuenca have asked us to pick up little things to bring with us for them: baking soda, generic Tums, candy bars, raisins. You know, the fun things in life. We have room and are glad to do it. Means we'll meet more folks, too!

Friday we take our RV to the repair shop and move to a hotel in Annapolis for Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday we take the metro train to a hotel that has shuttle service to/from both the metro and the airport. On Monday our adventure begins! WHOO-HOO!!!


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