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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm still here....I had to leave Fiona, my sis, when the walls moved again.

She said she'd miss me and I know I miss her - but her adopted brother, Clubber, not so much. [snicker]

Mommy and daddy got skeered of something called a hericane and took me to a new place that has THREE dogs. I met these dogs before when we were camping but I didn't get to play with them. The oldest one, Fiona [no, she doesn't look like my sister], doesn't play with me but Maggy and Hailey do. We all play fetch outside and tug of war inside.

So lots of play and I've been REALLY tired....but it's fun! Not sure when we go back to where my sissy is, but I'm gonna keep playing with my new pals until then!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Glad your parents got you away from that nasty hericane. Have fun playing with your new pals.

  2. I am so glad to hear you were safe during that dumb storm! My bro in MA still doesn't have power. Keep having fun my friend! Miss Mindy

  3. Mom was trying to tell us about that hericane thing and it didn't sound like any fun. So we're sure glad you guys made the walls move and got away from it. Have fun with your new friends.

  4. Scootie-Boots sez: Iz glad the walls moved, too! I dunno what a hericane is, either, but it don't sound guud. Mom hasn't let me on the 'puter lately cuz we're getting ready to live in our 'moving walls house' full time...they even brought THE CAT out here! I thought dis was our special place away from THE CAT, but guess not anymorez. Before THE CAT only visited out here, but now Daddy broughted out all THE CAT's stuff...I guess dats ok, cuz he broughted his treats out, too. I like da treats...wishes my Mommy gave me ice cream lots like yours but Mommy sez I need a diet instead. Bye for now, Sadie!


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