Mollie & Riley

Monday, August 8, 2011

I loved visiting Mollie and hope I can do it again. She has a HUGE play yard, something called an orcher....lots of trees and berries and hills and room to run. Mommy and daddy let me run with Mollie. I SOOOOOO loved it!!

Then mommy made the walls move and we got in the big white truck. Last night we slept with the other big trucks. They were noisy but I still slept okay. [snicker]

Then today.....are you ready? I MET MY BABY SISTER!!!! We had fun....of course MOMMY, who is NEVER without a CAMERA....didn't take ANY pictures. Jeesh! Parents.... So here are some pictures of my sister Riley that her daddy took.

She looks a lot like me only smaller and a different color.

I heard mommy and daddy talking and I might meet more of my brothers and sisters while we are here!!! That will be fun!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Cute post Sadie. You sure look like you are having fun with Rylie.

  2. Scoter sez: I like your orcher, Sadie...looks like a fun place to run and run and run! Do you ever sit on the wall thingy when it moves? Mom did that once and I thought it was fun. My cat Willie just hides under the bed when Mom makes the walls move. He's ascaredy cat, Dad said. Please tell Mollie that I think she is very pretty, too. PS: I'm trying to sell the cat before Mom and Dad notice...don't tell! ~Scooter

  3. Cool fun! I am going to see a brudder in two weeks! Can't wait! Puppy kisses, Miss Mindy

  4. Skittlez and I are figuring out that new friends can be fun. But Zoey likes Skittlez better than me. She's too big and steps all over me. It's nice you have someone your size to play with.


  5. a new blog for Tucker to read!..if only he knew how to read..instead of running, chasing the ball, and swimming..oh, and sleeping!!..looks like fun Sadie! uncle has an 'orcher too..but they board race horses there is only one side that is free for me to run!!
    Tucker from British Columbia!!!


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