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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yada, yada, yada.....LOL! Our initial intent was to hit the road on Saturday morning which would put us in Dallas on Sunday. When we found out about the Mission Classic Car show and the weather forecast looked good so we decided to stay over one more day for the show. Since we had to move KaZy twice during the week, we were well "de-oozed", making the final departure an easy one.

When we got back Thursday night Stu did all the final prep items, all except loading the bike (and once again loading BRAT and the rack). Friday was our final chore day and we spent it doing all the last minute things always tend to accumulate. Factor in record high temps (101 at the airport) and we tried to stay inside.

Saturday we woke fairly early, ate and dressed to head out on the bike. It was a bit overcast but it had been on Thursday and soon cleared. Just as we headed out to get on the started to rain. Just a drizzle first, then heavier and finally the wind hit. Oh boy, did it ever! I think it was sustained in the 25-30 mph range with higher gusts. Not riding weather...but we thought it might pass quickly. Well, the temperature dropped from 73 to 57 in about 10 minutes.

The rain lasted maybe two hours but the winds continued. Stu finally gave up and loaded Big Red and the BRAT. Since the truck was all connected we opted to not unhook and head out to the car show. We also figured it would be pretty small since it was an outdoor event. Well, seems like we figured wrong (so what else is new...LOL!). So far I have read at least two friends blogs with pics of the show. Check one of them out here, Donna & Jake. (give it a little time to load)

So, we got up early today and headed north towards Dallas. The RV dealer is in Rockwall and the condo we are staying at is in Flint...about 100 miles away. We're hoping to unload Big Red at the condo and then head to the dealer, coming back Freddie. This gives us use of both vehicles for the week. The only downside is taking Freddie over to pick up KaZy and then heading back the 100 miles back through Dallas since we plan to head up into Oklahoma when done.

The trip today was uneventful....being a Sunday the traffic was light until we hit the Houston area. An accident slowed us down for a bit but we were MUCH better off than the southbound traffic we saw north of Houston. The accident site had 4 tow trucks and traffic was so backed up we had at least two vehicles cross the median, race across the road in front of us so they could cross the median over to the frontage road. Idiots!

It's going to be cold tonight...we're asphalt parking beside a DQ in Centerville, TX. We've got short day tomorrow, we're less than 2 hours away from Dallas. Now we just hope the dealer can get all the repair stuff done....always a challenge.

Lastly, if there are any RVers out there that are using the Wii Fit, we would love to hear how it works, how you use it inside, any tips...we are thinking about seeing if it would help us in our quest for a fun way to exercise.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Donna,
    I have used the Wii Fit a few minutes at my Physical Therapist's. I have never done yoga before and I spent a few minutes on it doing the ?Tree? demonstrating to myself how unbalanced and uncoordinated I am. It was a very good addition to the stretching and other exercise I am doing. It really is fun and something Pam and I are thinking about getting.

    Randy and Pam

  2. I purchased a Wii Fit due to the fact that Denny and I weren't always in a location where we could walk either due to the weather or nature of the campground's location. We travel in a 36' fifth wheel and I've found that I have plenty of room to do the exercises and yoga stretches. The Wii provides a variety of yoga, strength exercises, aerobic workouts and balance exercises that you can pick and choose from to vary your routine. And you can get your heart pumping and make your muscles pretty darn sore with it! Then, when you are finished working out, you can reward yourself with some game playing which also creates some movement so it's all good!

  3. Denny and I purchased a Wii Fit for use when the weather was too bad for taking walks or just as a change of pace. We travel in a 36' fifth wheel which provides plenty of room for using the Wii. What I enjoy about the Wii is that you can create your own exercise routine doing yoga, strength exercises, aerobics and balance routines so you are not doing the same thing day after day. As you work out more, the Wii adds more exercises or allows you to increase the number of repetition of the exercises, all the while keeping track of your weight and BMI. And after you finish working out, you can play the games on the machine which causes you to continue to move around, so it's a win/win for exercise.

  4. I have been wondering this same thing. My sister got one, and loves it, but she lives in a house. Now that I know you will have room to "play" in an RV, I am going to start looking for one.

  5. We've been using the Wii Fit and Sports since November and it's a blast! There is plenty of room for most of the exercises and games. It's the perfect exercise item for RVers, easy to store and set up.


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