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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am in shock....this is the kind of stuff that happens to strangers, not to personal friends. Greed is going to be the downfall of our country. Wondering what I'm talking about? Read Buyers Beware! and prepare yourself. I have already written my friends offering any help but I know I'm powerless to do much more than offer them shelter in my old rig until things can be sorted out. I hope the State Attorney General's office goes after the dealer, this is outright fraud. No telling how long he had been preparing for this...how many others have a payment on a rig that they can't get a title for. Credit will be ruined, continuing the downward spiral.

I'm so angry right now and feel so helpless, but wanted to pass the word along. If anyone has any suggestions or help to offer, please contact me personally and I will pass it along to my friends. In the meantime, be very very careful out there! I don't know if there are any escrow companies out there that might be used to help prevent this from happening, if not there should be...we are so at risk!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Yes, it sounds like pure greed. I'm so sorry for your friends and their situation. What about taking legal steps to trace thier old rig and re-claim it? I sure wish them luck.

  2. That is certainly outrageous and criminal. I hope that they are able to get it resolved.

    Mike Goad (at home in Arkansas)
    Haw Creek Out 'n About

  3. That is scary! When we bought our repossessed MH in 2008 in El Paso, the title was not produced either. We were told that we did not need the actual title document, only the information of where it was held. We insisted on the document and discovered we had bought the RV for less than the outstanding loan amount and the finance company was holding the title hostage until they were paid another $10,000. This was a nationwide dealership we bought it from and we were misinformed! The dealership had it's lawyers intervene and we got the title. I am sure if we had taken delivery without the document, we would be in a similar conundrum!

    Good luck to your friends. I hope all turns out well for them.

  4. I grieve for your friend, but I would gess they are sol unless the dealer suddenly turns over a new leaf.

    The last time we were at the Plantation, we stoped at the dealer up the road on the corner of RT. 59, to look at a Dutch Star. Please reassure us that this was not the dealer involved in this scam.

    Best of luck to your friends.

  5. For anyone following this there is further discussion here that links to an earlier discussion about what turns out to be the same dealer: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=75513


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