How time flies!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First, thank you EVERYONE for all your good wishes. We appreciate them and promise to post some pics of the ceremony.

Now to backtrack a little, when we last left you we were leaving Dallas area and heading to MD with Big Red in tow behind Freddie. The weather got progressively worse with the last two days being solid rain. UGH! We had one little defugalty with towing the bike and had to pickup a utility trailer for the rest of the trip (further details from Stu pending the dealer's response).

We stopped at Shenandoah Harley (VA), where the conversion was originally done, and left Big Red for work (a long laundry list of things, not the least of which is the installation of an EZ-Clutch so I can drive). So, we are bikeless for about 6 weeks...EEEEK!!!

We arrived here in Maryland late Thursday afternoon, too late to pick up the stored Jayco so we spent the night at Stu's sister-in-law's house (thank you Carol!!!). We all went to dinner with the Thursday night dinner crowd, getting hugs, good conversation & food.

Friday morning we started running errands, the first of which was to pick up a new mattress (no more "Counting Sheep"). We had planned on getting one for KaZy anyway and since the one in the Jayco wasn't the most comfortable, we stopped at Sam's Club and picked up a great new mattress (the utility trailer came in handy) as well as some needed household stuff for the empty Jayco.

We picked up the Jayco, title and immediately headed to Western Auto for 2 new batteries. Since these were the originals (2003), they didn't owe us anything. LOL! Several hundred dollars later we took the rig to Stu's stepdaughter's and got it parked & hooked up. Now on to Kmart & the Dollar Store followed by grocery shopping. We're making do with minimal things...$1 for 3 forks, paper plates, 2 coffee mugs, etc. Some things will make the move to KaZy (two WONDERFUL new sheet sets).

It continued to rain off & on for the next few days while we caught up with family. Saturday we had dinner at Stu's daughter's, Heather, and enjoyed seeing Olivia & Jesse (the grandbabies) as well as the wedding daughter, Melissa. If this link works you can see some pics taken with our iPhones. Some of Heather's friends joined us for a great dinner.

Sunday was a veg day for me....Stu continued to bust his butt getting our RV dish working and some other chores. Monday we headed out to find a 30 gallon propane tank, one of the two in the Jayco had been stolen at some time. We ran a bunch of other errands including a WAY overdue haircut for me, getting watch batteries installed which led to our ordering our wedding bands. This link takes you to a similar one, ours will be a little wider. We wanted something Celtic and yet airy and open.

Today is tuxedo fitting day as well as dropping off our taxes and picking up hopefully the last item we forgot....a lighter for the stove. LOL! Tomorrow we have someone coming to look at the Jayco (yes, we would sell it out from under ourselves...LOL!) and will continue with wedding preparations. Not sure if I will get to blog until after Melissa & Mike's wedding but will try!

Thanks again for all the great thoughts & happy wishes!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Love the wedding band,... wider will be nice. All good wishes to you two!

  2. Congrats, Donna and Stu.
    You're not only taking the 5th, you are taking the plunge!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. That little grandchild is so cute. I won't get to see any of mine until November.


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