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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Once again time flies....even when we're not having fun. It's been an eventful month. Here's a short recap since my last blog.
  • June 19th I listed my house for sale
  • July 4th my BMW was delivered (thank you to my agent's hubby who went to Houston and loaded the bike on his pick-up and brought him to TN)
  • July 4th I took my first ride on the BMW, who is now renamed "Squirt", and knew he was going to work out just fine (and yes, I flat-foot him just fine)
  • July 5th the house is scheduled for the second showing
  • July 5th I get a full price offer on the house contingent upon closing within 3 weeks
  • July 6th we make a slight contract change (deductible amount on the home warranty) and counter the offer, their agent insists that it will be no problem
  • July 7th and we still don't have the signed counter offer back
  • July 7th I spend the day in Chattanooga with a friend looking at RVs at Camping World (Shipp's RV)
  • July 8th and the buyer's agent still hasn't gotten the buyer to call back
  • July 9th and the buyer's agent finally hears from the buyer's boss (this is a corporate relocation) and finds out that they called him and no longer plan to move to TN (can you say culture shock?)
Fast forward to today, no more showings so no offers....open house set for tomorrow afternoon. I'm slowly starting to sort through stuff, finally. My friend Diana, who went to Chattanooga with me, is going to start eBaying stuff for me. My newly imposed deadline is approaching.

What deadline? Oh, guess I skipped that part...... In the aftermath of the sale fiasco, I made the decision that whether the house has sold or not, I plan to hit the road by September first. It may be in the something older, it may be financed, it may be....who knows? But it will all work out. My new quote is:
"I refuse to sit around waiting for the perfect tomorrow, I'll continue to work on savoring my perfectly imperfect todays." ~ Froggi Donna
My September is already pretty well booked. The first week I plan to ride my last 6 states (New England) with my youngest brother, his wife and possibly my son. I will park the RV in NC near my niece's home. When I get back from the week of riding I will head over to Goshen, IN for the Fall Escapade. I'm hoping to make it in time to attend one of the pre-Rally sessions (like RV driving school). After that I will head to northern GA for two weeks....I'll be fine-tuning the RV (may stop in TN if needed) and will be baby-sitting grandkids the last weekend.

After September the world (well the USA) is wide open....no real plans yet, I have to get there first.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. Just remember that things can change pretty quickly. My house is going to close on Aug 10th but the buyers are paying my Aug space rent & transferring the utilities to them Aug 1st. Our first RV trip is going pretty well but the high temps haven't been too bad, only in the mid-80s so far. We may head home a few days earlier what with the house sale & all. But I think Pat is willing to go again although this time we will probably go down to the ocean & stay on the cooler side of the mountains.

    Good luck with your house sale and have fun with the RV. I'll be interested in hearing what rig you get and hope that maybe we can meet this next winter in the SW.


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