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Monday, July 30, 2007

As many of you know, I have my house up for sale. Had an interesting afternoon. I got a call about 10:30 that an agent wanted to show the house between 12:30-1:30. Since I was trying to decide whether to read, surf or watch a movie, that made up my mind for me. Picked up a little around the house, got dressed and headed to my hang-out (McDonald's for coffee to enjoy while I read my latest book - Lisa Jackson for anyone who enjoys good mysteries with a minor dab of romance).

Came back home at 2 figuring that was plenty of time (and as always, prepared to turn around if they were still there). Started trying on more clothes, sorting out them out (keep, giveaway, consign). Was taking a break, sitting on the sofa watching a VH1 special on Freddy Mercury when I see a car drive in. Normally not a big deal but I had no shirt on...OOPS!

I rush into the bedroom, dig my t-shirt out from under the pile of clothes I was sorting, pull it on, grab my soda to put it away, jug a quick drink, manage to slosh it down the front of my shirt so I then rush to the kitchen to splash water on it (Cola stain) so I could then meet them at the door - wet shirt to the forefront. LOL!

Oh well, the joys of selling a house....

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. Well, it was probably cooler that way, both without and wet. Kind of creates some excitement about showing houses. Any word yet from those who were interested?

    My buyers have repainted the inside & started moving their things in. The house doesn't close until the 10th when their sale closes but they paid the space rent for this month & have transfered the utilities to their names, so they are now paying the bills on that house.


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