The future is written in JELL-O

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things are slowly moving....not as fast as I would like but moving. Nothing concrete, but that's okay since I now know the future is written in JELL-O anyway. So what have I accomplished since the last blog?
  • Arranged for a good friend to handle all the eBay auctions for me for a percentage of the sales (WHOO-HOO!!! This is huge since she will handle everything including the shipping)
  • Sorted out my motorcycle gear in preparation for selling the extras (forums first)
  • Posted my Harley for sale in several motorcycle forums as well as a local online freebie trader
  • Posted several larger pieces of furniture in the local online freebie trader
  • Sorted through almost half my clothes, creating a pile for friends at work to go through and two bags for donation to Goodwill and discovering that NONE of my jeans fit
  • Sold three pieces of the furniture listed in the trader (which left me with all the knick-knacks to go through deciding what goes with me, what gets stored and what gets sold)
  • Bought anchors and fixed the closet organizer in the guest room....after it collapsed from the weight of all the motorcycle gear and extra jackets that I moved in there
  • Continued researching RVs (another thing written in concrete - motorhome vs trailer)
On the house, there is currently a young couple looking at it, first-time home buyers. So far the wife, her brother, the husband and his parents have all looked at it and seem to like it. Now waiting for her parents to take a peek and then I am hoping for an offer (hopefully not a lowball one). She's also visiting their credit union tomorrow to discuss financing...hmmmmmm, keep those fingers crossed!

I am really getting excited about moving out onto the road. When I first posted the ad about my Harley for sale, I was really sad. Now I know it's just part of the path I need to take...simplification. It's starting to feel good....

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Yep, simplification- and a storage unit. That is what I did. Now the question will be how long do I have to pay the $58/mo for the storage unit? I hope not forever.

    Good luck with the house buyers. Mine seems to be moving ahead okay. If it does go as planned it should close Aug 10th.

  2. This is very cool Froggi, as I bumped into your Blog yesterday through of course other writers.
    Nice choice of bike... My buddy Spirit and I ride a GS1100 with a Ural sidecar
    ... and we did exactly what you are doing about 11 months ago. Trailering now with a TIOGA 23B (being a Chef I like the kitchen in the rear...) and writing... and photography... I only worked 6 months a year all my life (I am 259 now by the way...), mixed with bike trips... and sailing adventures as I also lived on sailboats for 28 years. Love your Blog... let me know if I can help you in any way... Sometimes being is a bit different than planning... but, it is all good...
    We have more in common... but, that will be for another time...

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit (hope you get to check some of his pictures!)


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