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Sunday, June 11, 2006

There is an email making the rounds that every woman can relate to....discussing in detail the horrors we, as women, have to deal with every day when using public restrooms. No toilet paper, wet seats, no liners, doors that don't lock and THE STANCE.

After reading it recently, I thought it was time to write about a lesser known side....dealing with public restrooms while riding a motorcycle in cold weather. This is written from fact...based upon my trips in the last couple of years.

Now imagine a cold winter day, your bladder has reacted in double-time to the one cup of coffee you just HAD to have at the last gas stop - used to warm your hands as well as your insides - and the vibration of the motorcycle combined with the cold.

You spy a gas station, pull in and immediately have to decide, pump gas first and move bike out of the way or is it slow enough that you can head to the bathroom first. Sometimes the decision is made for you, you KNOW that you can't take the time to get gas first.

So you head inside, praying that this isn't one of the 10% of places that still have outside bathrooms. Depending on how cold you are and how much function is left in your fingers, you may or may not take off your helmet.

Ah, you spot the sign! It's inside and available. If you took off your helmet you now have to find a place for it, preferably not the floor. If you're real lucky you get a handicapped stall with a Koala baby seat, pull it down and start stacking up the gear. Next best case is the Koala seat outside the stall where you can at least drop the helmet and maybe your jacket.

Now remember, it's COLD. This isn't just a matter of unzipping your jeans. Oh no, that would be too easy. First you have to unzip your jacket because it's 3/4 length. Of course this is only done after taking off gloves & glove liners. Then you have to unzip the polar fleece under that. Since it's really cold we now have to negotiate the textile riding pants (zipper number 3), zipper on jeans, and then a layer of either polar fleece or at a minimum tights. Finally down to the last layer - undies. Plus, with each layer peeled off, the stack of material above your knees goes higher...so now one last push to be sure you can clear the cloth.

Now you go into the stance, having done your best to follow the wipe/line it procedure outlined in the other post. At least you have your Kleenex if needed...well, you do if you didn't leave your jacket outside with your helmet. No purse to worry about at least.....ahhhhhh, there is no better feeling.

Done, you stand up....now, remember that helmet you left on because you were in a hurry. Well you are quickly reminded when your bent stance slams it into the back of the door (unless, again, you were lucky enough to get an oversized handicapped stall). Hoping you haven't permanently damaged it so that you have no protection in a crash, you start pulling up all the layers and rezipping.

This is when you hope there is no line waiting....it takes time and a lot of it to pull everything back together. When several women are riding together, we find ourselves stumbling out of the stall with layers pulled up but unzipped, finishing that process outside so the next lady can enter and start her own trip of joy.

So the next time you head into a bathroom stall, remember, it could be winter and you could be wearing riding gear!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. It isnt much different for men. YOu forgot to mention what just happened to me just yesterday. I filled up, and looked for the bathrooms. Mind you, this is a new gas station that accompnaies a Walmart. I leave the bike and gear and walk over(IT IS OUTSIDE, and there is only one!) A little paper sign said:


    Now, if there were a MENS and WOMENS< I just use the working one, and lock the door. SOme women are offended to have waited all that time, and then when a MAN walks out, they SHRIEK, like I messed up the bathroom.

    If it was a MESS before I got there, I advise anyone standing there waiting, that they might want to reconsider and go down the road to a CLEANER one.

  2. Well, since I am not a man, I figured I wasn't qualifed to comment....and for the most part, men don't have to strip as fully as a woman for MOST potty trips. :-)

    I have used men's bathrooms more than once when traveling and the ladies was out of order...but ONLY if it locked. Nowadays, I can easily give someone "the eye" that says DEAL WITH IT!

    Thanks for visiting and posting!

  3. I always said it wasn't fair...all men have to do is "zip & whip"! LMAO!!

    Love ya sis

  4. Another advantage to traveling with your RV, especially a motorhome. The potty is right behind you. But you do still have to find a place to pull off the road. I hadn't thought about all the clothes a cyclist wears but it would take a bit longer to get ready.

  5. When wearing all my gear, I have found it is easier to grab a stall, and pull it all down. Otherwise, I find my zipper gets wet. In cold weather, men have to deal with the Turtle Factor, and can't always 'zip & whip'.

  6. I've had a few problems as a man. I was once taken short and found that I couldn't get my winter overtrousers over my knees with my boots on. I'll spare you the gory details but I always take one boot off now and step out of one trouser leg before sitting on the throne. The other favourite one is forgetting about the big web of windproof fabric which is where the fly usually is and billows outwards when you open the top button !!!


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