Late at night....or is it early in the morning?

Friday, June 16, 2006

What am I doing up at one in the morning? Heck if I know....I was tired at 9:00 but didn't go to bed. So here I am now, on my second wind and wide awake. How much do you want to bet someone will call me before 9 do I know? Because it's already happened twice this week.

I never was a morning person...much prefer to stay up late and then sleep in. Now that I'm working most of the day on sorting out what stuff I will keep, what I will send to the kids, what I will sell and what goes in the trash, I find my evenings are spent searching for the perfect "wheel estate" for me. Well, here are some late night/early morning ramblings....

You know what that means...more indecision. This was the week of the diesel pusher....found several nice ones. Then I started reading about the expensive maintenance, the additional pre-sale inspections and I started to get nervous about it. So, do I now go back to looking at gas motorhomes and hope I can find one that will allow me to mount a lift on the back? Do I keep researching toy haulers and hope I can find a decent used one-ton truck? It truly seems there is no perfect solution so I will keep attempting to make the decision that is MOST right for me.

The good news is that I've made good progress on the yard sale sorting....the kitchen is 90% done, the shed is 95% done, the garage is 99% done and the attic is 100% done. Gee, that only leaves the living room, dining room, utility room, two bedrooms, 5 closets and one office. In addition, a lot of the furniture has been sold, at least the major pieces - still have small pieces (misc tables, chairs, etc.) with my bedroom set, the dining room hutch, living room entertainment center and the washer and dryer being the bigger pieces left to sell.

More and more local folks are hearing the news about my selling the house and hitting the road in an RV. Most are impressed, I just don't understand that. To me it's just living life....always keeping something to look forward to up ahead. I'm really getting excited and look forward to getting on the road. It's really hard deciding what I'll keep since I don't know the configuration of my new home. But worst case, I'll store it or sell it at the last minute.

If you've never been in any type of motorhome or travel trailer, you may not realize how little wall space there is for hanging pictures and photos (in addition to the problems of keeping them hanging). But I have a couple of special things that will get hung - one way or another.

The first is a sign I saw in a catalog and I just knew it was meant for me - I've uploaded a photo of it. The second is one I will treasure forever. It is a custom painting done for my by my neighbor, a beautiful landscape of the Tennessee mountains with her trademark unusual tree in the forefront. On the back she put a photo of her and her husband. Tennessee will always be a very special place for me.

I've been thinking about the little things - sitting out under the awning watching the birds and squirrels play while I read. Meeting new folks from all over the country. Visiting family and old friends as I travel. Taking things slower....slowing down....relaxing.....smelling the roses.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. As a solo traveler I would very seriously consider a motorhome as your best choice. They are easier to park alone and far safer if you ever boondock. Think of unhitching your trailer, or a toad. I've been planning on fulltiming for 6 years. I just can't "unload" all my stuff. I turn 60 this year, maybe ...

  2. Hi Bruce, guess I'm a gypsy at heart. While I hate parting with my "stuff", it is only "stuff". It helps that I did it once before, when hubby and I full-timed for 2 years.

    I'm at 98% on the motorhome and security is one of the big reasons. Plus to me, it just FEELS more like home...again, maybe because we had a Class A.

    Now if I could just decide - older diesel or newer gas.... ;)

  3. It's just over two weeks until I'm off on my next RV trip and I am looking forward to it. Gas seems to be starting back down although it will probably not go as low as it was before so travel will cost a bit more. It will be interesting to see how much it costs next winter when the Snowbird trip time is here.

    I agree with you on the motorhome vs trailer. The type is something to ponder as both have advantages & disadvantages. Wouldn't it be nice to be filthy rich so the cost angle didn't have to be factored in?


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