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Friday, June 9, 2006

Yesterday I finally started to attack my "stuff". I decided to start in the kitchen...pulling out the things that will get sold, packed away, etc and keeping only what Iwill use in the RV. It's amazing how much emotional impact some things have....I bought a new Corelle dish set (it's running thru the dishwasher now) but I still love my old set. They are the clear ones with swirled flowers cut in that you often see at restaurants. They wear like iron, work in the microwave and are near unbreakable. Can you tell I love them...LOL! Since I have a set for 8, think I am going to pack half away at daughters so I can switch back someday if I want to.

Coffee mugs are hard....I have so many that have memories attached....sending some to my brother & his wife (they'll love me, they don't even drink coffee ). A few will get packed away, a few saved, the rest go into the yard sale where hopefully someone will love them.

I tend to get scattered. Got all the cabinets done (two left to go), hit the front of the frig (gazillion magnets), took a few things out of the laundry room (store a lot of stuff in the back) like candles which then sent me to the china cabinet drawer with more candles....LOL!

At least I'm doing one smart thing - I'm putting yard sale stuff in zip-lock bags (when it will fit) and I'm pricing everything. That way when I get ready to do the yard sale thing, everything will already be marked.

Today I hit a tote I pulled in from the garage, marked as Mike's office stuff. After easily tossing some old BICSI manuals of his yesterday, I wasn't ready for the emotional slam of dealing with these items. Just small things - BICSI conference tags, his address books, the photos from his office, his collection of office mugs, even just seeing his writing on things.

It's been over 19 months and things like this still catch me unawares and bring the tears...not just sad tears but happy ones for the memories they bring to mind. Mike always said we needed something to look forward to and we always managed to do just that. Well, I seem to be following in the same path.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Wow, where to start! I know most of the people you have mentioned as I have attended 5 LoW sessions, 4 at Moscow & the new one this spring in Tucson. I work on the parking crew. My wife of over 37 years died last July 23rd, shortly after we finished our 4th LoW & "graduated." We had planned to be fulltimers but decided we needed Docs who knew her better so settled on being Snowbirds after I retired at the end of 2003, an early retirement as we felt she would not be able to travel too long due to her rheumatoid arthritis. We never expected her to die at age 62.

    I will leave home in Mt. Vernon, WA July 4th to get to Moscow on the 5th & help setup the parking area. Let me know if you decide to attend. It is well worth it & I would love to meet you. I'll put your blog onto my Blogroll and invite you to check mine that I started in Dec to chronicle my Snowbird trip this last winter that Annie & I had planned. I ended up doing it alone, along with my cat, Huggy. It wasn't as much fun as the past two were with my Annie along.

    I'll try to send an email as there is too much to talk about in comments.

    "Hi Gary & Judie!"

  2. Hi donna
    My lady friend i met at Loners on Wheels had just lost her hubby 29 may 2004 she was trying to see what she wanted to do with her life--sell the 5er they had and just sit at home and cry over loosing him-or- try and move along---we are really good friends-she lives in NC and I in Va.thank goodness she still wants to rv---she bought a new 5er and is coming along pretty good without her wonderful hubby-I do go there and fix a few things for her and she has a great neighbour that helps all they can.
    i wish you the very best--
    rich in Va.

  3. Thank you, Rich. She's lucky to have you as a friend. I know she'll enjoy the RVing....lets you easily always have something to look forward to. As I often say....Life is for the Living!


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