Waiting is good....really!

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Waiting is a good thing, honest it is. I find that it is making me really evaluate what I need vs. what I want in my motorhome. I know that I can easily live in a 30' version but I also know that I would like to have the combo washer/dryer and there just isn't room in the smaller rigs. I have to better evaluate gas mileage, prices aren't going to go down much from here. Even though I don't plan to drive every day, it will add up. Plus I need to consider what to get in a toad.

The Jeep Wrangler seems to be quite a favorite due to the ease of towing. Seemed like a good way to go, easy to find a good used one for a decent price. But then I noticed the average gas mileage. Hmmm, if I want to take a trip in the Jeep I could be spending quite a bit more than if I got a new Chevrolet HHR or Cobalt. Even a used Saturn Vue would be better....

Coffeemakers are a hot topic, too, since they pull a lot of power when brewing. Can I forgo that? I don't think so...guess I need to evaluate those as well. Already downsized my crockpot and ordered a small (one person) electric frying pan. Wish I could find a small blender but that doesn't seem to be a big item. Blenders are cheap but they do take up a fair amount of room for something that doesn't get used a lot.

Back to the rig....storage - convenient storage.....definitely keeping an eye on that. Basement storage is wonderful, especially for the heavy items, outdoor things and totes full of "stuff" that you don't need very often.

I picked up my new toolbox and am starting to build a list of the "must keep" tools. While I am not very mechanically inclined, I know it will be best to at least be equipped for emergencies. I also splurged (hey, it was only $20) and got one of the folding chairs with a built-in footstool and cupholders.

I've subscribed to Workamper News and received my first issue this week. Fascinating reading and a wide variety of jobs. I'm learning how to "redo" my resume, tailoring my past work experience for those skills valued in the workamper environment.

See, I'm not just sitting back, feet up, casually waiting for my house to sell. I really am using the time wisely....or trying to!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Donna, left me know if you leaning towards anything in these lines. Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, Chevrolet, Cadallic, Pontiac, GMC. We have both new and used in these lines. If you let me know how you want or need it equipped I can get you some good pricing. Sandy Hayes

  2. Hi Donna,
    Here is a link to an incredible little coffee maker. http://www.aerobie.com/Products/aeropress.htm. It is small and pretty much indestructable (well, maybe if you ran over it with your motorcycle ......(smile)
    Folks were raving about it on the Lazy Daze RV forum so I bought one since we are in the process of downsizing from a 36'DP to a 26' Lazy Daze and space counts! The coffee is wonderful - Love it.
    Many happy trails to you, Mary

  3. Thanks, Mary! That definitely looks VERY promising....off to find somewhere to order it!


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