RV Life on Wheels, Bowling Green KY - Day Two

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Morning came early with classes starting at 8 am. Fortunately, for me, there was a McDonald's on the way to the campus (actually, there were three ). Coffee to keep me going....a real necessity.

The first session was a tough choice. I really wanted to do "How to Choose a Home Base" with Nick & Terri Russell but felt I was better served by attending, "Personal Safety for RVers" with Dave and Sandy Baleria. It was the right decision, what a great class and knowledgeable instructors. They presented a lot of tips and hints on keeping yourself as safe as possible. Their next session was on certification in the use of pepper spray but I hadn't planned on attending that.

Instead, I headed back to another class taught by Steve Savage, "Batteries & Charging Systems". I just hoped it was basic enough for a totally non-technical person. It was....and I finally understood the difference between a converter and an inverter, when I would want in inverter, when to use a generator and lots more. GREAT class!

After lunch came another really touch decision. Steve Savage had a class on solar power and Dave & Sandy Baleria had one on guns & RVers. These were both classes I wanted to take and neither one was offered a second time (some classes get offered more than once during a LoW conference). I opted for the "Guns & RVs" and wasn't disappointed. Remember that book I bought the first day? Highly recommeded in the class...and the bookstore was already out of the 2006 book. I was glad I had jumped on it the first day there.

Needless to say, this is a tough topic. I already have a FL CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) license and a handgun. I also have a shotgun. I also know that if my LIFE were threatened, I wouldn't hesitate....BUT neither are justifiably used to protect my property. These items were covered in the session and a lot more. [NOTE for anyone interested in a good article about guns & camping, please read this article by Derek Gore - Safety & Security: Guns & RVs.]

The last class of the day was one I had really looked forward to, "How to Inspect an RV Before Purchase" by Steve Savage. I wasn't disappointed. Packed with information, tons of hints & tips and a sense of finally having an idea what to watch for....I left there feeling like I could actually look over used rigs and make an informed decision as to whether the RV was worth my paying for a professional inspection. That information alone, made this conference worthwhile.

At the end of the day, everyone continued to mingle and meet. The bookstore saw more business as we all passed some time before being able to visit the "open rigs" (instructors, staff and attendees who posted signs to welcome visitors into their RVs). The rigs varied from a fifth wheel toy hauler (seen above) to top of the line diesel pushers to Class B or Class C motorhomes and even a converted bus. What an education and what a great time to meet more folks and get to better know that we'd already met.

I got to spend some additional time chatting with Nick & Terri Russell in their bus conversion as well as with Dave & Sandy Baleria in their fifth wheel. I also spent a lot of time with the owners of the toy hauler seen above. Turns out we knew each other on-line in the lady motorcycle rider forums and had even lived not too far apart at one time. Small world..... Oh, and yes, they have me thinking toy hauler again....their Sunny Brook was a brand I hadn't looked at yet.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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