A Promising Weekend Ahead

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tomorrow I head out to Bowling Green, KY to attend the RV Life on Wheels educational conference. I have met several folks online who are also going, makes it nice to somewhat "know" people there. Most are couples but one is a solo lady who will be retiring early in a couple of months.

I've picked out the sessions I want to attend and a backup as well. Having done something similar, Escapees Escapade about 8 or so years ago, I know that sometimes you quickly know that a session isn't for you - maybe the content is more basic or too advanced, or maybe the speaker is going to put you to sleep.

The classes offered vary greatly - here are a few examples:
  • Fire Safety
  • Insurance Tips
  • The Frugal RVer
  • Satellite TV
  • RV Weight
  • Boondocking (dry camping with no hookups usually in the middle of nowhere)
  • Trailering - Hitch Systems - What to tow - What to to with
  • Guns & RVs
  • Choosing a Home Base (for those who give up their house - stick home)

Tomorrow is registration and orientation, the actual classes start at 8 am on Saturday and go until 4:30 pm. From 6-7:30 pm on Sunday we get to tour the RVs of attendees who have volunteered to open up their rigs for inspection. That is always the best, as I remember from camping, seeing how others do things. Where they store stuff. What unique little gadgets they use. What multi-use applications they have for everyday items.

I've already bought a few things for the eventual rig. A fairly large rechargeable indoor/outdoor lantern (with a dimmer switch), a cute little lantern (with a remote control), a folding dish drying rack, soccer cones to help me line up when backing up (and spot where the hookups are), some 1# diving weight that are orange vinyl-covered and will be used to hold down the corners of an awning mat.....can you tell I'm having fun?

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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