Walt Disney World - Day #4 Hollywood Studios

Thursday, May 2, 2019

WARNING: Photo intensive blog post!

Another picture perfect weather day and we were off to Hollywood Studios. Our first Fast Pass was for Toy Story Mania and we were running a bit late but made it. This is the third or fourth time we've done this ride and it's always fun (and always a bit different from the previous time).

As we walked out, I had to grab a few more photos. Loved the new exit path - a lot has changed since they added Toy Story Land and we enjoyed it all.

HUGELY popular was the new Slinky Dog coaster ride. No, we didn't go on it...at least not this time. LOL!

Before we knew it, lunch time was upon us. Today we opted for a sit down meal at Prime Time Cafe. This is where the waitresses nag you like your mother would - no elbows on the table, eat your meal or no dessert...etc. LOL! It was a fun time but admit the food was a disappointment, expecially since they brought me the wrong dish and it sat there for almost 15 minutes before our waitress stopped by. Not up to what we expected and both meats were somewhat dry. But the onion rings were delicious!

My meatloaf...wasn't particularly hot either.

Stu's stuffed pork chop...

BUT, our pixie dust for our anniversary was nice..

Next up was the double thrill ride for Stu - Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror via Fast Pass. They are must rides for him, every visit. We got me parked in the shade on the porch of Starbucks where I could enjoy my iced cappuccino.

I was up close and personal with one of my favorites...

The entire ninety minutes I was on the porch, these two relaxed...

When he was done, we moved to another spot while he rode it again...and I got a few shot of the local color.

We then wandered through the rest of the park, enjoying the sights and sounds (a lot more photos in our SmugMug album). Stu managed to get into Star Tours ride, too.

Before we knew it, dinner time had arrived. We had made reservations at The Brown Derby. This was a double meal coupon and since I rarely ate breakfast, we had plenty of coupons for this (and tomorrow's lunch). The meal was FANTASTIC!!! We would definitely go there again!

Complimentary champagne for our anniversary pixie dust..

My delicious filet...

Stu's Cioppino, sort of a seafood soup...

Dessert samplers....nice!

Our final stop was on our way out...we had seen a guy wearing a t-shirt I just HAD to have. We'd looked in every store as we walked around and couldn't find it in my size. Well, till we were on our way out and made one last stop. I found it!! Love it...my T-rex humor.

Tomorrow we return to Animal Kingdom.

Ciao for now!


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