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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our plans are to leave Maryland and head back to Florida on November first. We are trying to squeeze in our final friend and family visits before we go. We have a few changes, hopefully, coming in 2017 and if it all works out, we will be changing to a spring visit rather than fall. Time will tell, please keep your fingers crossed for us.

We are also slowing working through all our medical visits.

  • Three vision done, one to go next week when I get my cataract looked at
  • Two dental done
  • Two GP done
  • One hearing done
  • One mammogram done
  • One aorta ultrasound done
  • One colonoscopy scheduled (I start the prep today)
  • Two skin screening by dermatologist will be done today
Sucks to grow old but it's definitely better than the alternative! At least everything so far has shown good results. Keeping fingers crossed for the colon check. ;)

On our way home from our various visits yesterday, we turned the corner and Stu spied this helicopter doing power line work. I grabbed my phone, aimed and snapped the following. (I'm still amazed that it even came out!)

Don't know how much blogging will get done, barely a week after we arrive in FL, we will fly to Los Angeles for our next back-to-back cruise. Mexico and Hawaii (my final state). Woot!

Ciao for now!


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