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Friday, October 14, 2016

It's been an interesting week. The weather turned cooler and we had trouble starting the pickup (Scooby) on Sunday morning as we headed out to breakfast. Later in the day it was fine. Final errand stop, nada, nope, nothing. Stu walked to the nearby auto parts store and got a couple nuts/washers and a the tool to clean the battery posts. Started just fine. Stu put it on the battery charger overnight, next morning it still wouldn't start.

We had errands to run, when we got back he started working to see if he could figure out if anything else was wrong (battery cables, loose connection, etc) but with the batteries being 4 1/2 years old, we decided to replace them. After pricing at three places (online), he opted to order them from Sam's Club. We had errands to run in the Annapolis area, so that worked.

Errands run, batteries picked up and back home. New batteries in - nothing, nada, nope. Time for more detective work. After pulling the starter, bought new at Pep Boys in Annapolis back on 2012, he found the problem. At installation (by Pep Boys), they had over tightened a connection and it had finally given way. Good news, there was a lifetime warranty on the starter!

In the meantime he had ordered a new backup camera setup for the Freightliner and fifth wheel. We bought this one back in 2008 or 9 and it's served us well. But the monitor was all but dead and we figured the newer technology couldn't hurt. Prices have gone down (a good thing) and he picked a unit with four cameras (back of the Freightliner, back of the RV and the two side ones on the Freightliner for using the directionals).

After looking at the wiring and cables, he feared he might have to completely rewire the setup. Eeep! Good news, after a little finagling, he got the monitor and one camera (on the back of the Freightliner) installed and functioning. Once the starter is installed and Scooby is back in working order (we hope), he will install the one of the back of the fifth wheel. Since this setup doesn't work with the directionals, he will save the other two cameras as backups.

In other news, the medical issues continue to get tested - Stu got an ultrasound of his aorta. He said the good news was he had a heart and he wasn't pregnant. I got my annual mammogram and once again, thank you, the results were good.

Next week Stu gets vision and hearing done and I get some blood work done (to see about continuing current new meds/dosages). Then we both get our annual dermatology screening for skin cancer. Final test is Thursday - I get a colonoscopy. Not a fan of the prep but it's necessary. Sigh...think of me Wednesday and Thursday. LOL!

I also picked up my new glasses. It's so nice to be able to see more things clearly - I was wearing a pair that had a 3-4 year old prescription. I love the frames we got! Heck, I even like my selfie (and I hate photos of me most of the time...LOL).

Yesterday we headed into Annapolis to pick up the new starter, see a movie and have our Thursday dinner. I'd been having trouble sleeping, so I had slept in and not eaten. We opted to try out the Tilted Kilt at Annapolis Mall. We had seen an episode of Undercover Boss featuring the business and it intrigued us, what with our Scottish heritage and all. ;)

We had a good lunch and enjoyed chatting with our waitress, Sylvia. She is from Bogota, Colombia and moved to the states 18 months ago with her husband. We talked about South America, how good her English was, how different the cultures are, etc. Very enjoyable time and a sweet girl (and good waitress).
 [click any photo for a larger view] 

I especially enjoyed the equal opportunity dress code! Yes, he was wearing a kilt.

Here are a couple more photos - we would definitely go back! They've only been open 2 months, so give them a try if you are in the area. They have indoor and outdoor seating. Oh, and the small gift shop is fun but we had already ordered pint glasses online. Love them!

After splitting a lunch entree, we went to see Deepwater Horizon. OMG!!! Intense, edge of the seat action. I was close to tears more than once. Based on a true story, it was very well done.

In other (author) news, I finally finished the first draft edits (on paper) of my middle school fantasy book. Now to type them in, clean it up and send it out for the next round of edits. Here is the tentative cover...what do you think?

Ciao for now!


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