We made it to the Escapade!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

We managed to get out of Twin Ells park by 10:30, only 30 minutes after our target time. The drive was scenic and took us through some pretty little towns. Two bridges to get across Lake Champlain and then we were on the interstate. A fuel stop, that just "happened" to have a Dunkin' Donuts attached, and we arrived in Essex Junction between 12:30-1:00ish.

The parking crew was amazing! What a great job they did, got us parked where we could easily unload the bike. It was quite warm as we set up, but shortly after two we walked over to the registration area. Registration was quick and easy, we got our badges and what we need for our HOP at the end of the Escapade. 

We met several friends along the way; John Hatch, Jan & Bill Mains as well as Barb & Tom Westerfield. We are greatly missing Nick & Terry Russell, Jan & Greg White, JC & Bev Webber, Jim & Ellie Meacham, Renee & Dave Zittel, Mike & Elaine Loscher and many more who couldn't make it here this time. We hope to see all of them again as we travel the next couple of years. 

I took a lot of great photos along the way, not sure if I can get them to load in this app (I'm writing this on my iPad Mini). If not, they will be in a later post. 

Well that seemed work...here is a scary bridge. No height markings but we cleared it. Phew! 

As we walked outside after registration and chatting with friends, this was the sight in front of us. Yikes!

We made it back before it hit...here is a composite photo. 

Well, time to relax for the evening. Tomorrow we will check out the vendors and meet more friends, both old and new!

Ciao for now!


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