Quick Overview of Escapade Arrival

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A quiet night  Saturday and Sunday morning we headed over shortly after nine to check out the vendors. Stu wanted to get our awning replacements set up ASAP. We need the two big awnings, all three window awnings and all three slide toppers replaced. Talking to the Ken Thompson of Shade Pro RV Awnings (800-328-5100), we also decided to get window awnings for the two garage windows. Sometimes we'd love to leave the windows open during a light rain and now we can.

Next stop was talking to the satellite TV guys. There were two vendors - I went to one and Stu went to the other. We haven't been able to use our automatic dish since we upgraded to the Genie last September. We hope this will be a minor fix.

Final stop for Stu was Daryl Lawrence's booth to buy a new tire monitoring system. Our current one is the one I bought from now retired Mike & Pat McFall back in March 2008. It has served us well but it's dying and the technology has improved dramatically. We had chatted with Daryl when we had dinner with him and Cheri back in FL (oh yeah, Nick & Terry Russell as well as Charles & Chris Yust were there, too). We talked about the tire monitoring system Daryl sold and found out that was the one Nick was using and recommending.

Daryl is the one who sold us (and installed) our Progressive EMS system at one of the Gypsy Journal Rallies that Nick & Terry used to host. It has saved us time and time again from electrical disaster (we highly recommend getting an on-board electrical management system).

We also managed to get in some hugs from Charles & Chris Yust who were busy with insurance questions & quotes as well as Chris & Jim Guld, our good "Geeks on Tour" friends (who also scuba dive).

A final walk down the Chapter and BOF tables and we headed back for the night. Here are a few photos...

Will post more on Thursday, last day of the rally. All our purchasing should be done, most meet & greets done, too. Friday we are on a HOP to visit some local things - an all day event. Saturday will be a full rest day!!

Oh, so far I have gotten just under 2000 words written in Almost a Touch (book three in my Klondike Mysteries) - no more done today since I've been helping a friend with some blog issues. ;)

Ciao for now!


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